Instant Healing [and healing touch quick steps] offers an opportunity for encouraging people to love themselves and each other; have parents and children do this! Bernie Siegel, M.D., Best Selling Author of Love, Medicine and Miracles and A Book of Miracles

The Healing Touch Quick Steps in Instant Healing by Barbara J. Semple are practical, fun, easy to use and best of all, very helpful!” Eldon Taylor, Ph.D.

“My 85 year old mother’s retirement community LOVES Healing Touch Quick Steps!!! Barbara’s Instant Healing self help book has been so helpful to my 85 year old mother. She loved reading it and mostly loves how easy it is to use and what a joy it is to be able to have a way to get relief when she has some kind of pain or just wants to sit and hold points. Her friends love it too. My mother will say, “You’ve got a pain, come here and look at this picture. Here’s how to do it.” Barbara Semple and Instant Healing have empowered an entire retirement community in self-induced healing – Thanks so much!!!” Cathy Hook, Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner

If you are looking for a book on self-healing, I recommend Instant Healing. Barbara Semple gives a simple, practical, effective system of [healing touch quick steps] touch to awaken the natural flow of Source energy within. By removing the effort from healing, Barbara cleverly reminds us that our “efforting” is usually what gets us into trouble in the first place. And she imparts it with such a lovely sense of confidence in the reader’s ability to find their own unique path to wellness. Barbara’s extensive experience comes from traveling her own journey of recovery from a life-threatening illness, studying with leading-edge masters of healing, and successfully teaching numerous clients how to find well-being. Instant Healing is a book you will want to read daily, even taking it with you on trips. Five minutes a day doing even one of the fifty lessons can change your health and your life. The beauty of Barbara’s work lies in its simplicity. You will amaze yourself how quickly you can find relief from chronic discomfort. It works and it’s fun.” Dr. John Franklin, Best Selling Author, Gift of the Jaguar

Instant Healing by Barbara Semple is a jewel! This easy to use full-color picture guidebook for self-healing helps both young and old access their body’s creative intelligence and reclaim inner peace and harmony effortlessly. Filled with a wealth of inspirational information, this is a book you will want to keep on the kitchen table and share with everyone you know!” Nancy Marie, Author of I Create What I Believe! Self-Awareness Art Program, Passage of Change, A fable based on the research of Bruce Lipton, Ph.D., Out of the Box and Into Yourself!, and The Beckoning Song of Your Soul, A Guidebook for Developing Your Intuition

“This book is an exceptional read. It combines scientific and spiritual wisdom with wonderful easy to understand and easy to do stationary exercises to help all of us feel better and live healthier lives. I really like that the exercises can be done almost anywhere and many can be done without others even realizing you are doing them. I immediately felt attracted to several exercises that seemed to call out to me and tried them. What is nice is I can easily choose what feels good for me in the moment with clear titles like “Big Happy Janitor” and “Happy Lungs.” I would recommend keeping this book on your book shelf, right where you can find it, day or night.” Dr. Barbara Becker Holstein, Author, The Truth

“I absolutely LOVE your book. I wish this book had been available in my former days as an investment analyst because at the end of a long day of travel and walking your book would have been a tremendous help and probably saved me a lot of money on Advil! Besides doing a fabulous job of explaining how to heal your body in simple and easy to follow terms, the photographs that show exactly what to do are terrific. I think everyone should have a copy of your book in their home AND their office. I can already think of several friends I’m going to buy copies for.”
Chriss Barr, Best Selling Feng Shui Author of 4 Easy Ways to Ignite Your Love Life & Fatten Your Wallet

“In a beneficial and brilliant way, Barbara J. Semple guides you to an understanding that you are one with source, and your opportunity to be whole and healed is ever present.”
Peggy McColl, New York Times Best Selling Author of Your Destiny Switch

“Buy this book, and place it along with Louise Hay’s Heal Your Body! This is THE book for our on-the-go society. More than that, it is a reflection of an effortless, non-linear connection to the primordial Source which flows through all of us.” Jessie Zapffe, Author, Realtor

“I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life – and I was always willing to try every new diet or fitness craze. That said, my efforts have been largely unsuccessful. When we were asked to be a part of this launch for Barbara’s incredible new book, we wanted to read it first and find out how it might work in our lives. Well, the results have been astounding. In a matter of days, after using the gentle and easy Instant Healing Quick Steps Barbara recommends for Weight Balance and inspiring Weight Loss, I have been watching the scale miraculously creep downward. The best part: these results have been effortless!” Esther, Co-Host,

“I live with chronic pain from back and neck issues that forced me to retire from my dental practice. Using Instant Healing Quick Steps, my pain levels have been reduced more dramatically than with medication – in just moments a day! Even our dog Gypsy, an 11 year old chocolate lab who has severe arthritis and a ruptured ACL ligament in one of her back legs, has felt the relief from Instant Healing Quick Steps! This book, while amazingly beautiful and mesmerizing in it’s message, is worth its weight in gold for one simple reason – this process works!” Dr. Joni,

“I read your book Sunday morning. It was great. I tried most of the exercises. I especially loved the Acid Balance, Exhaustion Relief, Waist Up and Down, Compassionate Understanding, Let Go, Big Happy Janitor, Whole Side Front & Back and Completing and Beginning. I was quite tired when I started, but I definitely perked up. I felt more clear, awake and open. I sat up straighter. And my sinuses drained. It was pretty cool!” Leva Daniels, Entrepreneur

“Barbara J. Semple has assembled one of the best collections of self-healing tips anywhere. She is a master in this field, a true inspiration.” Richard L. Shames, M.D., practicing physician and Author of Thyroid Power and Feeling Fat, Fuzzy or Frazzled

“I had the absolute pleasure of photographing Barbara J. Semple for this book. It had been 10 years since I had shot her last, and the transformation was incredible! In total honesty, Barbara looked 10 years younger than the last time we had been together 10 years earlier! This woman walks her talk.” Lani Phillips, Rare Images Photography and Wisdom of the Crone Cards

“This stunningly beautiful book is just what my inner doctor ordered: a book that makes the practice of Jin Shin Jyutsu both easy and delightful. We know it’s meant to be enjoyed, because the model for the wonderful pictures in the book looks so relaxed and radiant. This is something that is not quite so apparent when browsing other books on the topic showing only the simple diagrams. The photos make all the difference in the world, showing how it’s done, of course, and even more important, how to do it comfortably.

Each Jin Shin book that I have offers different quick steps or flows for various conditions, and this one has a few more to add to my non-medicine medicine cabinet. A few of them have proven to be more effective than what I had been using, with fewer steps and contortions to reach my goals.

If you only buy one Jin Shin Jyutsu book, this is the one for you. It’s comprehensive, easy to follow, and formatted so that it’s easy to find the steps that you need. If you already have one or two others, this one is a valuable addition to your library. Mrs. Semple, you’re an angel for writing this book!” Jeanne Garner, Health Care Practitioner

The pictures (and instructions) are clear and simple. The book [and cards] definitely succeeds in making a profound resource accessible to anyone. Those among us familiar with the Art of Jin Shin Jyutsu (or any similar practice) will recognize the deep, wise and joyful smile of the Tao, and of American Jin Shin Jyutsu founder, Mary Burmeister, in every page. Given as a gift, this book has the potential to help not only the friend(s) gifted, but the world, one breath, one smile, at a time.” Mount Shasta Magazine Reviews

“Great healing consciousness and wisdom, presented very well with clarity; deeply nurturing” Nathan Sivananda, D.C., Holistic Chiropractor

“…seamlessly enlivens the power of unconscious and conscious mind with dynamic energy self-help. Outstanding!” Gary de Rogriguez, Internationally Acclaimed Expert in Psychology Based Systems of Success

“…more powerful than meditation!”
Annie Reinhardt, Business Consultant