Autobiographical Journey…

Soul Aerobics® – Conscious Movement of a Soul into Wholeness

by Barbara J. Semple

Available from Compassionate Healing Instruction LLC, New Leaf Distributors, in paperback and Kindle version * ISBN 978-0972118101 * $18.00 Paperback/Retail

Soul Aerobics – Conscious Movement of a Soul into Wholeness is the story of one woman’s healing journey before and after she consciously chose to align her little self, ego-personality, with her soul. Once she agreed to be in a committed relationship with her soul, everything changed for Barbara Semple. Soul takes her into the heights and depths of herself, including the physical challenges of rheumatoid arthritis. Barbara’s life has been an often-intense soul workout, which she calls “soul aerobics.” Written in easy-to-read language, Barbara’s voice of healing will touch and lighten your heart.

Finding compassion

With a natural wisdom of transformative healing, Barbara engages the reader to gently go deeper, to find compassion and self-love from difficult life situations, and to get to the place of knowing in a person’s heart and bones, that he or she is a sacred, holy being. Barbara reminds us that wholeness or holiness is our constant state of being even when we are sick. A person need not have a physical ailment to gain inspiration and liberation from this easy-to-read triumphant story.

“Liberally sprinkled with alluring chapter snippets like “Listening is an Act of Love” and “Putting It on the Altar to Bleed,” Semple offers convincing instruction to readers in search of a true and timeless “soul-physical” relationship, or, as the book’s subtitle suggests, toward a “conscious movement of a soul to wholeness.” Soul Aerobics is a gentle and fascinating account of Semple’s personal discoveries and journey toward a loving heart, and readers who jump aboard for a ride indeed may find themselves headed for that very same destination as well. A lovely book to trust and enjoy.”, July 2002

“Soul Aerobics takes readers straight to the heart of their own authentic power. Barbara’s writing is deeply personal, at times lyrical, always uplifting and filled with compassion. I am both moved and educated in the process. This is a superb account of hope, healing and transformation. The great value of this book is that it is written by a woman who has faced extraordinary challenges and lived to enjoy greater strength, wisdom and love in the process. It’s a roadmap for the healing journey by an author who knows the path well.” Hal Zina Bennett, author of Write From the Heart and Spirit Animals and the Wheel of Life


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