Life-saving first creation…

Personal Power Cards – Flash Cards for Emotional Wellness

by Barbara J. Semple

Available here from Compassionate Healing Instruction LLC * ISBN 978-0-9721181-1-8 * $18.95 Retail + shipping (tax too for California residents only)

The perfect gift for anyone who needs a little positive self-talk. Barbara says the first 10 cards of this deck are what kept her connected to her soul through her near-death experience in 1988.

Personal Power Cards include 55 full-color cards the size and lamination of regular playing cards, a 80 page booklet and a red cotton carrying pouch. Personal Power Cards are words the soul might say to you giving its higher perspective of thoughts and feelings. The words remind you of the goodness of you, especially when you are in pain or “dis-ease.” The geometric symbols and brilliant colors are help you can hold in your hand to engage the multi-sensory brain and mind. Truly groundbreaking…

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