“Instant Healing offers an opportunity for encouraging people to love themselves and each other; have parents and children do this!”
– Bernie Siegel, M.D., Best Selling author 365 Prescriptions For The Soul and Love, Magic and Mud Pies

“You’ve delivered a real preventive medicine ‘gold mine’!”
– Richard L. Shames, MD, practicing physician and best selling author of Thyroid Power and Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled?

Instant Healing is USA Book News Award-Winning Finalist, in 2 categories of Health: Women’s Health and Alternative Medicine.

Best Book in the Category of  HEALTHNABE Pinnacle Book Achievement Award

Instant Healing is a Best Seller in 6 categories on Family Health, New Age, Spirituality, Personal Health, Energy Healing, and Alternative Medicine – Healing!

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ISBN 978-1-4415-3753-9

This premium, high quality, full color specialty picture guide book validates with rare imagery, the science and spirituality of an ageless art for relieving stress, boosting vitality and soothing pains in seconds. Instant Healing is 160 pages of full color pictures and graphics with life-sized close-ups, and 8.5″ X 8.5″ ‘comfortable-in-your-hands’ size.

Enter the healing zone with your own fingertips and touch instant healing now. Your genes are listening and responding as you apply a Quick Step pose.

Dalene’s hot flashes are gone with Instant Healing…

“I have just worked through your Instant Healing guide today. I bought the book on recommendation of Reiki Blessings Academy through which I am doing Spiritual Healing Courses. I have practiced self-healing today for hot flushes – I get one every hour of the day and night and it really depletes my energy. After practicing 28 and 45 twice today for about 3 minutes each, I had only 5 hot flushes of which 4 were very mild! These techniques are so easy and I am quite excited to try them all! Thank you so much!” Dalene O, Spiritual Healer, South Africa

Esther’s weight loss success with Instant Healing…

“I have struggled with my weight my entire adult life – and I was always willing to try every new diet or fitness craze. That said, my efforts have been largely unsuccessful. When we were asked to be a part of this launch for Barbara’s incredible new book, we wanted to read it first and find out how it might work in our lives. Well, the results have been astounding. In a matter of days, after using the gentle and easy Instant Healing Quick Steps Barbara recommends for Weight Balance and inspiring Weight Loss, I have been watching the scale miraculously creep downward. The best part: these results have been effortless!” Esther Lastique, Radio Co-Host

The power of instant healing is Now. Science and Spirituality finally agree! You can harness this knowledge for healing soul and body. The book shows in vivid detail how to engage graceful, self-induced healing when adequate health care is on everyone’s mind. Best selling author and integrative medicine physician, Dr. Andrew Weil says we need a health care system that helps a person “become healthy and stay healthy.” With emotional support and outstanding visuals, this book empowers just that concept of becoming healthy and staying healthy with energy healing quick steps that assist your modern lifestyle.

Discover your own universal medicine wisdom. Help yourself become healthier and stay healthier with the information in this book.

Chronic pain reduced dramatically. “Mesmerizing, worth its weight in gold!”

“I live with chronic pain from back and neck issues that forced me to retire from my dental practice. Using Instant Healing Quick Steps, my pain levels have been reduced more dramatically than with medication – in just moments a day! Even our dog Gypsy, an 11 year old chocolate lab who has severe arthritis and a ruptured ACL ligament in one of her back legs, has felt the relief from Instant Healing Quick Steps! This book, while amazingly beautiful and mesmerizing in its message, is worth its weight in gold for one simple reason – this process works!” Dr. Joni Frater, Radio Co-Host

Instant Healing contains some of the latest in what science is now calling the medicine of the future: Information Medicine. With compelling content and full page graphics, you begin to influence your natural system of optimum healing for the soul, mind and body.

Instant Healing may be your new favorite self healing guide with relief in 10 seconds or less.

Safe. Proven. Easy to apply.

Leva’s vitality perked up, cramps lessened and sinuses drained with Instant Healing…

“I read your book Sunday morning. It was great. I tried most of the exercises. I especially loved the Acid Balance, Exhaustion Relief, Waist Up & Down, Compassionate Understanding, Let Go, Big Happy Janitor, Whole Side Front & Back and Completing & Beginning. I was quite tired when I started, but I definitely perked up. I felt more clear, awake and open. I sat up straighter. My cramps lessened a great deal. And my sinuses drained. It was pretty cool!” Leva Daniels, Entrepreneur

When you experience how easy the energy healing self help works and how elegantly you begin to alleviate soreness and uplift your vitality and circulation, for example, you might say, “This is so simple.” Here is Perfect LIFE SUPPORT at your fingertips for your daily life.

For more testimonials on the use of Healing Touch Quick Steps check out Celebrity Endorsements here.

Instant Healing is way beyond your average self-help book. Inside its pages you’ll experience the essence of natural healing. Find options for relief and support for specific health concerns, such as:

Adrenal Health
Babies and Mothers Comfort
Chemotherapy and Radiation
Elder Health
Emotional Balancing
Natural Facelift
Heart Health
Anxiety Relief
Hormonal Health
Pain Relief
Pre- and Post Surgery
Soldier’s Relief
Stroke Free Zone
Teenagers Comfort
Thyroid Health
Natural Weight Loss

Your whole being will love you for giving it this gift of health. Energy medicine self healing has never been this much fun and so beautiful!