Even faster access!  Two (2) content rich mobile apps with pictures, audios, and video from Barbara J. Semple using Healing Touch Quick Steps. Enhance your well being and experience your body’s natural system of unburdening and uplifting your vitality.

Premiering the first apps with Healing Touch Quick Steps based on the universal healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu®.

1. Got Pain? Heal Now Mobile App

Energy Medicine for Drug–Free Arthritis Pain Relief

For drug-free Arthritis Pain Relief that engages your body’s optimal system of balancing infinite life force flow, Healing Touch Quick Steps mind-body medicine supports your connection to Ideal Body Health that keeps working for you even when you feel sick and overwhelmed.

The Quick Steps are:

  • Big, Happy Janitor
  • Smooth Rhythm and Movement
  • The Complete Hug

Applying these 3 powerful Healing Touch Quick Steps as a daily habit over the past 21 years has helped me use less Western medicine and given me greater relief and quality of life. If you are not feeling well, the last thing you need is a complicated routine. Whatever – it has to be super easy.

For example with Quick Step 2, you can read a book or watch television while applying your healing quick step. Easy does it.

For best results apply a Quick Step to each of both sides of the body. Five to 10 minutes is optimum and any amount of time is good.

In this dynamic app for Apple or Android, you’ll find two new audios (only available on this app) on THE best how-to tip for your healing journey with ANY serious illness:

“Why I don’t call RA, RA?” Listen to this 6 minute audio and plus a shorter addendum audio for a forgotten secret to healing anything.

There’s more…

Each Healing Touch Quick Step includes full color pictures and basic text directions PLUS audio directions from me for applying your the hand placements.

Here’s to your best health!
Barbara J. Semple

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Got Pain? Heal Now…Get this app and feel better now

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2. Need Sleep? Heal Now Mobile app

Energy Medicine for Restful Sleep

Did you know that getting enough restful sleep each night keeps your brain and cognitive functions healthy?

In this wonderful app you receive 5 Healing Touch Quick Steps – Powerful Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony® that address the underlying causes of sleepless nights by engaging your body’s natural system of balancing infinite life force flow.

It doesn’t matter if the reason for insomnia or any sleep disturbance is too much caffeine, adrenal fatigue, busy mind, hormonal imbalance, too much sugar, or jet lag, to name a few.

Here are 3 Healing Touch Quick Steps, pictures and audios to support you, the whole person, in this moment for effortless tension and stress relief.

  • Healthy Boundaries
  • All Elements Come to Rest Here
  • The Central Connection
  • Protecting Your Organs
  • Harmonizing Worry

Consciously shift your body-mind into optimal healing while you sleep.

This may sound way too simple to work. Give it a try. I am always in awe of how potent these Quick Steps are.

Make Healing Touch Quick Steps a part of an evening ritual along with nighttime tea or your favorite herbal remedy for encouraging the body-mind to sleep.

If you find yourself lying there wide awake at 3 a.m. and can’t get back to sleep, put your hands on your body in a Quick Step pose. Engage your mind and hands to gently bring your body back to sleep without groggy side effects.

Chances are very good you will have fallen asleep while applying a Quick Step. For more stubborn sleeplessness, apply all five Quick Steps one after the other. Five to 10 minutes is optimum and any amount of time is good. Easy does it. Apply with kindness.

One of THE BEST special features of this app is the Longer Version of The Central Connection Quick Step audio. Especially when you are completely exhausted and revved up, you can listen to my voice and slide into happy slumber without doing anything.

Here’s to sleeping well and all of the health benefits that come with it! Many blessings, Barbara J. Semple


Need Sleep? Heal Now…Get this app now and sleep easily

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