Personal Power Cards – Flash Cards for Emotional Wellness are best selling author, Barbara J. Semple’s first published creation for mind-body-spirit health combining psychology and spirituality with color therapy and whole brain activity for supporting healthy emotional attitudes. This gift is rarely offered. The last time it was offered was three years ago for 48 hours only.

Here is the perfect gift for anyone who needs a little positive self-talk. Reinforce the healing messages to your body through your cells and whole brain activity.

Way ahead of their time, today Personal Power Cards are part of the new thought medicine mentioned in the movie, The Cure, featuring experts like Dr. Bernie Siegel.

Personal Power Cards – Flash Cards for Emotional Wellness are great for teens and adults alike for balancing thoughts and feelings and opening inner dialog with a higher power.

Let your soul be your guide.

Your FREE digital version of Personal Power Cards Bonus includes an 80 page booklet followed by 55 full-color cards. Personal Power Cards are words the soul could say to you with its higher perspective of thoughts and feelings. The words remind you of the goodness of you, especially when you are in pain or feeling beaten up by life. The geometric symbols and brilliant colors engage the multi-sensory brain and mind. Truly groundbreaking…

New Age Retailer calls Personal Power Cards “one of the most useful recovery tools ever seen.”

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