In this issue:

  • Baby Boomers are shifting with the shifts
  • Shifts within shifts, and sun, sun, sun
  • Dragons’ tails and Light
  • Your frontal skull bone wants Light
  • Light and the Endocrine System
  • Best Health and Spirituality Picks
  • Using joy and the rays of light to manifest your desires

Hello Cosmic Being!

This issue is all about Light, including the announcement of my friend and colleague, Danielle Rama Hoffman’s new book, The Council of Light. May you be delightfully enlightened.

Shifts within shifts…We’re in a subtle and not-so-subtle time of shifts on many levels now. And goodness is happening too.

Solar Pole Shift is happening…Our sun in addition to moving into the solstice of the shortest day (Light) of the year in December, is according to NASA, experiencing a solar pole shift that is taking both its north and south magnetic poles down to zero and causing sun activities of (to use computer terms) upgrading, reprogramming and re-booting itself.

One of the resources I follow says that during October-November 2013 the Sun is receiving additional rays of Light from the center of our galaxy, and this is normal. What makes this particular Solar Pole Shift different from every other 11 year sun cycle is that December 2012 was the ending of an era as well as an ending of a consciousness cycle. With an ending there is always a fresh beginning. This Solar Shift is bringing previously unknown possibilities, probabilities and possibilities to the forefront of our awareness.

Our sun is a powerful influencer of energies of everything about Earth, Moon and solar system and beyond. I have noticed in myself sort of a forced slowing down, an inner sense to take it easy even though I have many things I need to accomplish. We could be experiencing a calm before a shift, or a shift of calm. How are you doing?

You could say we are experiencing heightened relationships with our sun in our evolving world at the moment. And we are okay.

Solar Shift, Solar Return…No matter what occurs in this physical world, as humans our energy bodies are made up of the vastness of the cosmos including energies of planets and constellations. We’re constantly being influenced by these celestial energies. Our Infinite self has always been with us from the beginning.

Solar Returns and Saturn Returns…A huge change is also occurring around a person’s 60-something birthday. Since 2011, 10,000 Baby Boomers a day are having their 65th solar return! A Solar Return is your birthday. Specifically it is the positions of the planets in relation to the earth at the time of the yearly return of the Sun to the exact position it held when you were born (an exact completion of a cycle.)  My 60-something birthday is in November. And along with a Solar Return, “60-somethings” are also in the flow of their second Saturn Return. A double shift. A double gift.

Of all the planets, Saturn is the one most associated with time and cycles, called father time, planet of time, among other names. One of Saturn’s names was “Chronos”, from ‘chronological’ meaning linear, as in time. Saturn’s 28 year cycle around the Sun determines the Earth’s cycles of seven, fourteen and twenty-eight years. The completions of these cycles are particularly pivotal in the evolution and renewal of human species.

What is a Saturn Return? A Saturn Return begins when you are 28 or 29 years old and begins a second time around again when you are 56 to 58. Saturn has to do with father issues, rules and regulations, dominance, self-esteem, your “container’ (your physical body and skin surface), and can be very adversarial. Astrologers tell us that during one’s Saturn Return, each person establishes new goals and embarks on a new cycle of responsibility, ambition and accomplishment. Midway through the 28 year cycle, or every 14 years, there is a potential crisis and restructuring of these goals. And there is great goodness here. In the second Saturn Return, you have had 28+ years to work out difficulties, make peace with demons, and find new confidence, strengths and joy.

Now, a Healing Touch Quick Step that supports happy Saturn ‘projects’ on a spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical levels, anything that has to do with your “container,” your skin surface, self-esteem and such is the #2-Higher Wisdom,  placing your palm on the same side back top of hip and your other palm on the same side inside of knee.

With myriad levels of complexities in a tremendous phase of global soul movement, somehow our bodies are keeping up with the changes. Everything we need is ‘built in.” Our job as humans is to keep the flow of Infinite Life Force open so the Light and Wisdom needed for every moment is available to us.

“Stuck” is a choice. “Flow” is also a choice. A daily practice of Healing Touch Quick Steps is a way to stay in touch with inner source, Infinite Life Force flow. Look for the Healing Touch Quick Step called Helps Everything in your Instant Healing book or the HEAL NOW Cards Deck.

Did you know? Some insights about Light and the Human Body:

  • Sound comes first, then Light…Life is created as Spirit descends into Matter first through sound (“Let there be Light”) then Light.  Sound moves Light (Spirit). The Infinite has been our essential self all the time, all along. Sound is the mechanism by which Spirit (Light) is born. The Central Connection is the ‘go to” Quick Step for this.
  • Dragons, whales, dolphins, cats, dogs, humans (yes humans) – any creature who has a tail (coccyx) and moves its tail is drawing invisible, Infinite light through the whole body via the invisible main central vertical universal energy channel and the spine. The Quick Step called The Central Connection engages the Light movement of your “tail.”
  • The only bone in the whole human body that is porous to light is the frontal bone of the skull (your forehead).  It is said that when Genghis Khan conquered China he ordered all of the women to cut their hair and wear bangs because he knew it would keep them timid. So get out there before noon, stuff your bangs under your hat and face the Sun’s light for a few minutes. Among many benefits, sunning the naked (i.e. without bangs) frontal bone, your forehead, helps with melatonin production and helps regulate sleep, and is invigorating (non-timid.) The Central Connection Quick Step works well here too after you’ve been in the sunlight.
  • Hormones are messengers for all of the organs. It is the Endocrine System that secretes oily-like fluids that carry hormonal messages of Light through the spine and the central nervous system. Each endocrine gland has a relationship to a specific musical note in the key of C (sound.) Sound plays an important role in how Light creates the human body. The Central Connection Quick Step is a perfect harmonizer for the Endocrine System.

From 24 years of applying these Quick Steps, what I know for sure is that I can/we can always re-balance our energies anytime, anywhere. Besides Healing Touch Quick Steps, you may want to include one or more of my Best Health and Spirituality Picks from this issue to encourage your harmony too.

Best Health and Spirituality Picks from Barbara

  • Book: The Council of Light: Divine Transmissions for Manifesting the Deepest Desires of the Soul by Danielle Rama Hoffman. Have this book in your spiritual practice menu choices too. Buy it on Wednesday, October 30 and get 60 free bonuses too including one from me. Look for my review of this book on when you buy your copy. Click here for all the details:
  • Video DVD: Voyage to Infinity with Whales and Dragons by Jean-Luc Bozzoli. All of Jean Luc’s art and videos are extraordinary. Voyage transported me. Will you recognize anything familiar? And watch how the dragons move their tails!
  • Music CD:  Songs of the Untethered Soul
    performed by Kathy Zavada. I have collected all of Kathy’s albums since I met her in 1995.  Kathy’s voice and music touch my soul like no other. These songs tell the story through song of the national best selling book The Untethered Soul (which I recommend reading as well) by Michael A. Singer. It’s a beautiful CD.

Be sure to check out my Heal Now Cards on as another gift possibility. The Cards have received some wonderful reviews too.

I hope you have found this Healthy Moments News beneficial. Soon I will be announcing my forthcoming new book about archetypes, spirit guides and angels. Stay tuned.

So, be present with what is, remember the Light often, expose that frontal bone to sunlight, move your tail (move your body) to draw in the Light, apply Healing Touch Quick Steps often to resonate with the Light, and behold your expanded Joy and Gratitude.

Oh, I almost forgot. Would you like to hear the sun singing? Talk about resonance…it is an incredible feeling. Click here to listen to  “The Singing Sun” .


Much love and kindness,


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