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  • Acupuncture without Needles
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  • Autumn Offers Lung Support Health
  • Harmonic Convergence Anniversary 2012
  • November is Vitamin D Awareness Month
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Happy November. Welcome to the new look of my Healthy Moments Newsletter filled with lots of goodies for you. Here is to giving thanks to the best of summer as we’ve begun “falling into wintering” and changing back to the natural sun cycle of standard time in North America!

To celebrate the premier of the new thought movie, “The Cure is,” you can take advantage of a FREE GIFT called The Central Connection Mp3 Audio.  It has 7 parts and is easily done while lying down. Here is a great favorite Quick Step to apply everyday before you get out of bed in the morning for waking up well as well as encouraging your body to sleep well at night too. You’ll find at least 45 more symptoms that are addressed by this dynamic Healing Touch Quick Step. If you only do one thing differently the rest of your life, do this one thing.

I wonder if you know that applying Healing Touch Quick Steps – Powerful Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony(R) is like giving yourself acupuncture without needles. It is true. The Quick Steps target all kinds of details of your body’s 12 organ functions, relationships to seasons of change, and more, similar to Oriental Medicine acupuncture – only without the needles.

Tip: Consider using your regular self help practice of Healing Touch Quick Steps for example to extend the well being effects after you have received an acupuncture treatment.

Moving from Autumn into Winter is always an extra busy time. In Oriental Medicine, the season of Fall helps us transition with lung support through our exhale and letting go for winter’s time of going inward for renewal. Healing Touch Quick Steps offers a number of ways to strengthen your immune system now by gently unburdening and uplifting your respiratory system. Visit my blog page for a whole article entitled Three Healing Touch Quick Steps for Respiratory Health in Fall and Winter for lung support with tips and Quick Steps.

The 25th anniversary of the Harmonic Convergence came and went, with the first convergence having taken place on August 16-17, 1987. 25 years ago, the event was considered the first organized global meditation. We have come a long way. With 2012 said to be a completion year for this window in time event, advocates of the 1987 convergence believed according to Wikipedia: “that signs indicated a ‘major energy shift’ was about to occur…powerful enough to change the global perspective of man from one of conflict to one of co-operation. Actress Shirley MacLaine called it a ‘window of light’ allowing access to higher realms of awareness.”

I have sensed for sometime now that a shift has already occurred. Earth has entered a different era of humanity that knows our world, our bodies and minds are directly influenced by the individual’s thoughts, feelings and actions with growing numbers who are partnering with their highest potential for transformation. There is deep goodness afoot simultaneously present with times of fast paced uncomfortable complexities.

Now is a time for standing in compassionate understanding with myself and all life on this planet. May all beings be peaceful, happy, and free from suffering.

Vitamin D Awareness: November is the month for Vitamin D awareness. Vitamin D is now considered on the level of hormones with its profound health properties. You may want to sign up for the free Vitamin D Council newsletter.

My Recent Favorite Health and Motivational Picks 

1. True, a novel by Melinda Field…I loved this book. My husband and I read it together and we couldn’t put it down. Honest wisdom. “Magnetic characters…a plot that moves forward seamlessly…an arresting portrait of pastoral life.” Kirkus Indie Review.

2. Passion and Pain, a novel by Kathy Petrakis… Dancers and divas, a story of passion, romance, friendship, ambition, heartache and hope. FAME meets GOSSIP GIRL with a touch of GLEE. You might see this first in a series novel on TV someday! Receive 43 bonuses with book purchase.

3. The Cure is, a DVD movie featuring experts like Dr. Bernie Siegel, MD, Gregg Braden, Marianne Williamson, et al…This film is a great opportunity to help millions of lives across the globe with a new dialog about healing. Premier Bonus Package only valid PRIOR to the world online premiere on 11.11.12.

4. Special Offer from me to you…Buy 1, Get DVD for $5!

Thank you for reading. I appreciate your interest in my work. May you find something to feel grateful for everyday, create precious moments, and smile often. Take great self-care. Many blessings for your health and wholeness,

In gratitude and light,


The power IS you…