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  • Dog days of summer
  • Sun influencing intensely
  • a culinary herb with amazing healing properties
  • a Healing Touch Quick Step for creating comfort in an instant
  • a special summer sale

It’s good to reconnect with you. It’s been a while since I’ve written. The message today is “Enjoy the moment.” 

Dog Days, Hottest Season, Sun-Sun-Sun…

July is mid year and much has happened since December 21, 2012 when some people thought the world would end. My sense is most likely we did move into a new phase of life on the planet. Certainly we have moved from years in a solar calm to a solar maximum of unprecedented numbers of solar flares. The sun’s influences have caused abounding windy days, strange weather patterns and unpredictability. And Spirit always takes care of us.

These days in the Northern Hemisphere are considered a high time of Sun’s influence for life on Earth, and our bodies are directly involved in this energy. In Traditional Five Element Theory, the hottest time of summer (heat AND light) is the prominent phase for the Earth element, which is related to the Stomach and Spleen functions of our bodies, the nourishment and nurturing of our bodies similar to the way long periods of sunlight makes everything grow and bear fruit. We’re in the “growing and fruiting” phase of our lives the same as the plants are. We’re all responding to Sun’s light.

On July 6, the star system Sirius, the “dog star” 25 times brighter than our sun, teamed up with our sun and began rising exactly with the sun. My sense is the real meaning of the ‘dog days of summer’ has to do with the intense light radiating into our atmosphere. Metaphysically speaking Light is divine wisdom. We may not be able to change the wind in our personal environments, and, we can adjust our own sails. Remember, holding your thumb in a Quick Step pose helps harmonize the hottest season of the year. We’re always connected to the Bigger Picture Universe.

Healing Touch Quick Steps are primarily based on my understandings of 24 years practicing and studying the healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu®…An excellent way to instantly return to balance anytime, anywhere.

BASIL as a Medicinal Herb, and, Making Tinctures…

I recently discovered the medicinal properties of Basil. I wrote a blog article about it that you can find at this link:

You may be as delightfully surprised as I was. Tincture making is an easy way to begin an uplifting relationship with the plants in your garden. Whereas humans are continually evolving, plants have perfected existence for the most part and are happy to bring forth the healing energies of eons to all who ask for their assistance. Did you know that the older the plant the more potent its healing essence. It’s true. You’ll find a link to The Secret Life of Plants book for more on the feeling nature of plants.

Feel free to read my blog article for more rich content and another way to return to Oneness…with Basil. Enjoy the moment.

Comfortable Wherever You Are…

Humans are always connected to the Oneness of All That Is. I have come to know that Healing Touch Quick Steps are a way to actively engage Oneness-Wholeness anytime and especially whenever I am/we are feeling separate with the chaos and uncertainty that surrounds us in our Earth-based position in our solar system. Did you know Earth sits on the edge of our Milky Way galaxy? That’s the view we have of our own galaxy, from within it, when we look up in the night’s sky.

No matter where we are – on the edge of the galaxy, in our own backyard, or in the middle of a hectic day, the Quick Step called Comfortable Wherever You Are is the hand pose that helps what its name suggests. Placing your hands flatly on your chest with your fingertips touching the outside of the center of your collarbone is all you need to do. You’ll breathe easier and really isn’t that one of the best experiences when “Uncomfortable” comes knocking at the door? It’s always interesting to me how I hadn’t known I was holding my breath until all of a sudden I receive a big, happy inhale. Ah. Comfortable Wherever You Are.

Special summer sale on the Heal Now Cards…

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Thank you for interest in my work and Healing Touch Quick Steps – Powerful Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony(R). I send you blessings for your health and wholeness. Enjoy the moment wherever you are.

Lovingly, Barbara

(c) Copyright 2013 Barbara J. Semple