“I help you become completely confident in harnessing your body’s natural system of health – effortlessly.” Barbra J. Semple Barb4hnCards

Barbara J. Semple’s Life Journey to the Healing Zone

In 1986 with the onset of a life-threatening illness and a near death experience looming in the background, Barbara J. Semple brought the voice of Wholeness through for her own healing support. Her creation, Personal Power Cards – Flash Cards for Emotional Wellness, combining color therapy, geometry and whole brain activity, blazed a new path for going directly to the Soul in the healing zone for ultimate emotional relief. New Age Retailer called Barbara’s Personal Power Cards “one of the most useful recovery tools ever seen.”

It was rheumatoid arthritis that took her down and demanded for her full attention. She says she should have perished a number of times since then. Barbara shares with you what continues to help her time and again to be in the zone of healing instantly and to know health and wholeness. With your own fingertips, you learn to enjoy a life time of grace-filled benefits.

Today as a pioneering authority and educator in the field of energy medicine self help, Barbara sparks the healing zone for fast relief and evolving health in partnership with one’s inner source energy for optimal health worldwide. Her book, Instant Healing, and her Heal Now Cards, among other educational materials lead the way to the secrets of effortless and easy to understand “how to” well being.

Compassionate Healing Instruction

Barbara is co-founder with her husband, and CEO of Compassionate Healing Instruction LLC. She is a best selling, award-winning author and integrative healing arts practitioner specializing in Jin Shin Jyutsu®. Her best selling book, Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul, a vivid color premium picture book of alternative medicine energy healing, became a mainstream top seller in Family Health and is endorsed by world renowned physician, Dr. Bernie Siegel. Barbara is also a contributor in Dr. Siegel’s recent book, A Book of Miracles.

Barbara offers educational materials, coaching, healing sessions, and classes in holistic energy medicine self healing.

Healing Touch Quick Steps unique acupressure method is based on Barbara J. Semple’s understandings of the self-help materials of the universal art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® as well as more than three and a half decades of studies of Oriental and mind-body therapies. The self help approach is a valuable complement to conventional medicine, never a replacement. Healing Touch Quick Steps help to relieve tension and stress that can cause mind, body, spirit ailments. Compassionate Healing Instruction LLC and author Barbara J. Semple do not cure, treat, diagnose, or prescribe. Always be sure to consult your physician for professional medical or emergency care. The entire contents of this website are for educational purposes only.

10 Things You Don’t Know About Barbara J. Semple

10.  She was a basketball cheerleader in the 8th grade.

9. Her favorite veggies are tomato, cucumber, avocado, green beans.

8. Her favorite fruits are apple, pear, blueberry, black mission fig, plum, and watermelon.

7. She’s had three cats in her life all of whom were adopted or strayed into her yard and stayed.

6. She’s been hugged by a real live dolphin.

5. She took piano lessons from Sister Theonia.

4. She spent 8 days on a boat in The Silver Bank humpback whale sanctuary.

3. She loves playing doubles Wii tennis.

2. She won 1st place in an American Institute of Banking regional public speaking contest.


1. She was doing Healing Touch Quick Steps when she was 4…

“Yes, we all have an innate ability to access source energy through our fingertips. Here’s me in the plaid shirt when I am 4 years old engaging my innate ability to harmonize my energies by holding my thumb and index fingers for maximizing my well being in what looks like a potentially chaotic situation with my cousins. :-) Many blessings, Barbara”

The author at 4 years old applying Healing Touch Quick Step

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