I am sending you my heartfelt gratitude on this holiday weekend.

The world seems to be going by at a fast-paced clip and at the same time there is much to be thankful for:

  •  a calm, sun-shiny day with beautiful fluffy white clouds and clean blue sky;
  •  sun glistening through a gentle breeze onto Ponderosa pine needles like golden crystals
  •  robins happily fluttering around a local fast-food restaurant; – lots of people volunteering time,  clothing, food, shelter and loving energy for community meals tomorrow;
  •  a cozy wood stove fire warming the toes and heating the house;
  •  a down blanket and a comfortable bed, and
  •  a hot shower.

It certainly sounds like I am grateful for the sun. Yes I am. This year I discovered that the forehead, the frontal skull bone, is the only bone in the human skeleton that is porous to light and therefore it is actually really beneficial to get 5 minutes or so of sunlight on your bare forehead (pushing back any hair in the way).

This is only one iota of all that I am personally grateful for. Yes, I am grateful for every breath and every moment to be alive and well and loving. It’s the simple, little things that make me feel joy, like chickadees singing.

Earlier this year a pair of bluejays built a nest in the bush in front of our bedroom window. One day without our knowing it, mother and baby had flown the nest. And we now have a ‘resident’ bluejay that appears to be the baby jay all grown up. He (I think it is a ‘he’) returns to the site of his birth (the nest) regularly, I see him almost daily. And every time I see him I feel joy, love and gratitude for his appearance. It doesn’t matter if it is a bird or a praying mantis or a frog or our cat, the essence of each sentient one is as big as mine and yours, and my heart overflows with smiles in those moments of connection.

I feel deep gratitude for my friends and loved ones, my teachers and guides, and to you. Thank you for your continued interest in my work and I look forward to offering you more opportunities for expanding your understandings and knowing of your whole Self in joy and love.

For those who may need more comfort and encouragement I send this prayer:

May you be happy,
May you be free,
May you be peaceful
and free from suffering.

Oh, and by the way, I have a new little book on spirit guides now available. It’s called Sanat Kumara and Lady Master Venus – An Archetypal Partnership. My friend and colleague, Danielle Rama Hoffman wrote a lovely testimonial for the book. Feel free to check it out here at the right sidebar. Click on the title above the picture here and it will take you to the page.

Also you may want to check out the book and new music CD for The Untethered Soul on amazon.com. I have written reviews for both the book and the music CD because I really am enjoying both.

I am sending you big hugs and best wishes for your health and wholeness.