There are good dragons and there are bad dragons, so I have heard, or maybe simply misunderstood dragons.

And maybe, just maybe dragons are an open secret to the highest goodness of one’s Self in plain view as examples for all to remember…

Once upon a time long, long ago, or maybe it was yesterday, in places far, far away, or maybe even very close by, dragons were revered as highly intelligent immortal beings. One of the most well-known, often-recreated scenes of dragons is the vision of the Asian goddess Quan Yin confidently riding a dragon from the heavens while outpouring her nectar of compassion throughout the world. (Quan Yin is the goddess of mercy associated with the deity Avaloketeswara (pronounced ‘ah va lo keet es vah rah’) of Chinese, Japanese and Tibetan cultures.) Imagine the exhilarating joy of carrying the beloved goddess while soaring through the skies on a royal mission of bringing loving kindness to everyone.

In the beginning of humanity, dragons were sent by Creator to “Adam and Eve Kadmon” to remind them always of their divine nature.

Legend speaks to the ‘eternal’ and ‘immortal’ ones as living forever, staying radiantly youthful and healthy and among many powers, having the ability to shapeshift into various animal or human-like forms. Okay, they have special powers.

In the future, tomes for defining things, which will be called ‘dictionaries’, delineated the word ‘dragon’ as  a mythical monster generally represented as a huge, winged reptile with crested head and enormous claws and teeth, and often spouting fire.

One additional usually forgotten definition for ‘dragon’ addresses their most valued ability. The original meaning for ‘dragon’ from 1175-1225 Middle English then Old French, then Latin ‘dracon’ part of the word ‘draco’ and then finally the Greek ‘drakon’ which describes a kind of serpent, probably originally called ‘the sharp-sighted one’, akin to the verb meaning to look.

In this present moment of a mythical story of beautiful creatures with sparkling iridescent green scaly skin and sapphire blue or emerald green eyes, we know dragons are kind-hearted, playful, yes, sharp-sighted ones whose powers include acutely seeing all aspects, depths and layers of the sounds and light of the cosmos. From this place of keen understandings of magnificent intricacies, they are considered essential guardians and keepers of wisdom. Dragons wield the infinite primordial fire of life through their bodies.

Like other gentle giants of lore, they present a strong sense of fierce, healthy boundaries when necessary to deter harmful forces intent on destroying what is sacred. Dragons and leviathans such as humpback whales carry the same lineage of knowing vast variations of creative intelligence and serving in imperial tasks as champions and transmitters of ageless wisdom.

Much is gleaned simply by hanging out with a dragon. First is the not-so-subtle message from their humongous size that carries the fullness of their spirit and the bigness of kindness of heart without having to fit into a smaller, condensed body like humans do. A similar truth is witnessed from the size of their big heads, sometimes crested heads that contain much larger versions of the heavenly workings of the brain.

These wise defenders of Life are happy to share their knowledge with those of pure heart and mind. One little known detail of immortality comes from their tails, the undulating and enthusiastic movements of their tails.

Consider cats and their tails, as an example. Besides a communication method for communicating with humans and other animals, they use their tails as antennae to scope out their surroundings and complement their extraordinary senses of sight and hearing.

In actuality, humans also have a tail, you know, the tailbone also known as the coccyx.

So, returning to the delightful movements of dragons’ tails and one of the purposes of a tail, moving one’s tail literally draws Infinite Life Force into the whole body-mind-spirit system. Consider how the invisible, formless, “un-manifested” Creative Source energy becomes Spirit in matter in everything, everywhere. It is Omnipresent and unceasingly pours forth Divine Light, which is made up of sound and light. Sentient beings are master attractors of this Divine Light. Their bodies are made to receive this Divine Light. One of the major duties of a human Spirit-Soul is carrying out the divine blueprint of physical nature, and is designed to constantly gather and move, shake, spin, spiral, and vibrate with this Divine Light that animates and catalyzes Creator energy throughout every particle of life.

Remember the so famous mantra (sound) “Let there be Light!” Imagine the tail (dragons, whales, dolphins, cats, humans, for example) significant as a built-in mechanism to voluntarily and involuntarily increase the heavenly sound and light essence of infinite life force, the Tao from which all things come that everything needs to be alive.

Now in this combined mythic, his- or her-storical moment, place this new possibility of moving tails into your awareness of every being with a tail including yourself.

Yes, there are many more beings who love, admire and enjoy amazing relationships with their friends the dragons, whales and other serpents of divine wisdom in the imaginal realms of dreams awake. And that is how we know that the dragons live on happily ever after.

So, dragons and their tails like whales, dolphins, and cats, profoundly support you in your healing process first and foremost by showing us ‘how’ to do it – with natural joy and grace. Imagine their tails moving as they fly, as they swim. Ponder your tail, the coccyx. The energy center that encompasses your coccyx is a storehouse of Creative Source energy that naturally and invisibly brings in vitality. Moving one’s tail draws the cosmic ‘stuff’ of creation down through our main central universal vertical harmonizing energy channel and feeds our brains, endocrine system, the spine and nervous system and ignites the healthy creation and maintenance of our whole body-mind-spirit system from head to toe to tail at the speed of light.

There are specific Healing Touch Quick Steps that you’ll find in the Instant Healing Book and the HEAL Now Cards deck, that address the health of your “tail” or coccyx. In particular consider The Central Connection Healing Touch Quick Step as well as The Big Happy Janitor Quick Step. Each of the 50 Healing Touch Quick Steps unburdens and uplifts your vital life force energies through gentle stress relief so you can feel happier, yes, from head to toe to tail.

Fyi I found this lovely dragon on It’s a magical work of art.

There’s more to discover. Look for part two of this topic with dragons and the endocrine system.

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