Autumn in harmony means natural well being lung support in Oriental Medicine. Since it is possible healthy lungs can increase your resistance to flu virus according to a 2007 journal of Science, this information may be important for you and your family.

It’s time for giving thanks to the best of summer as we’ve clearly begun “falling into wintering.” And, we have finally returned to the natural sun cycle of standard time in North America.  I’m also sending prayers for comfort and well being to all who have been affected by Hurricane Sandy and all of the weather disturbances and earthquakes throughout the world.

I wonder if you know that applying Healing Touch Quick Steps – Powerful Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony® is like giving yourself acupuncture without needles. It’s true. The Quick Steps target all kinds of details of your body’s 12 organ functions, relationships to seasons of change, and more similar to Oriental Medicine acupuncture – all without the needles. You can use the Quick Steps to “tune up” your respiratory system in all seasons, and especially Fall and Winter.

Five Phases of Understanding

In Oriental Medicine, the season of Fall helps us transition with lung support through our exhale, letting go for winter’s time of going inward for renewal with refreshed, untaxed breath. Healing Touch Quick Steps offer a number of ways to encourage actively strengthening your seasonal immune system functions by gently unburdening and uplifting your respiratory system. According to Five Element Theory of Oriental Medicine, there are five phases to a system of corresponding relationships and patterns that influence biological growth and development. These phases make up a complete process. All of the Five Phases interact with each other and arise out of one another during a yearly cycle like geese flying smoothly in formation shifting in and out of the lead position effortlessly. The season of Fall, for example, associated with the Lung and Large Intestine functions of your body balances all activities relating to breathing, inhaling/receiving and exhaling/letting go; and Lung ( inhale) and Large Intestine (exhale) organ movements correspond to the Air or Metal element.

Understanding your relationships with the seasons on a physical level, enfolds you into greater knowings of Nature, the natural world and the most powerful force of healing,

Continuing with Five Phases, the season of the year with which a particular organ function is associated is the most dynamic and strongest time for that organ function’s tasks of maintaining balance and harmony. This is important because knowing how to directly engage respiratory energies during its season of maximum capacities improves your chances for staying well. Autumn/Fall really does mean healthy lung support in the body’s natural system of healing with the cycles of Life and is a clue for how to help yourself.

I’ll give you an example. I have heard a lot of people talking about “really bad allergies” and “there must be something going around” now that’s causing sinus discomforts and heavy coughing. Maybe it is a run on colds or allergies and maybe there is another possibility. Remember that Autumn/Fall is the most dynamic season for respiratory balancing.

Now consider that there were many states including mine this summer who dealt with heavy smoke-filled days for a month or more from uncontrolled forest fires. Smoke burdens the lungs. So, one of the ways the lungs clear out toxins is by coughing and sneezing. And the flip side of that is that if lungs were challenged with smoke, that can reduce one’s ability to fight off invader bugs.

Three Quick Steps for Lung Support

The good news is that there are so many Healing Touch Quick Steps that relieve and energize breathing, respiration, lung and large intestine functions. The first three that come to mind are:

  1. Happy Lungs (Lungs)
  2. Let Go, Let Go, Let Go (Large Intestine)
  3. The Complete Breath Hug (clearing the whole chest area)

In the Heal Now Cards index, you can find 15 choices to address “Breathing,” 7 entries for “Cold, Flu,” 5 entries for “Sinuses,” and 12 entries for “Vitality.”

TIP: Making a “ring or circle” with your thumb and ring finger encourages bigger inhales and exhales. Place the palm side of the tip of your thumb on top of your ring fingernail. Relax your shoulders and breathe easier. Yes!

Since the Healing Touch Quick Steps are a wonderful complement to whatever you do for your health and well being, you can apply the Quick Steps in addition to taking your favorite lung support herbal remedy or winter tonic. Give yourself your best shot at staying robust during this Fall and Winter season with Healing Touch Quick Steps. Imagine your optimum health self talk: “My respiratory system is strong and healthy every moment of every day and fights off invader bug faster than the speed of light. I love this body. Yay!”

I send you many blessing for your health and wholeness. Take great self care. It is as easy as holding your fingers.


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