Is it possible Sunday, May 20, 2012 the annular* solar eclipse seen on the West Coast of North America among other places caused a whole lot of people to consciously and unconsciously synchronize their body-mind-spirit rhythms with the pace and movement of the Cosmos? Remember this day. We were imprinted with Big Picture healing energy.

I observed two important clues to corroborate this idea of healing imprint: 1) the rhythm or pace of the movement and 2) the diagonal path of the movement.

I was watching from my backyard. I felt a sense of quickening, a tingling, as the invisible Moon was approaching the Sun. There was silence everywhere – potent, full, anticipatory silence. Some clouds did obscure our view at times. We had our protective glasses for viewing. I had a sense of an almost hypnotic, magnetic rhythm to the Moon’s movement. At first I was surprised at the Moon’s apparent slow motion. I sat watching for more than two hours.

A day later, I am still remembering a visceral synchronous slow, steady, powerful movement of the Moon coming towards, merging with, and moving away from the Sun. I also noticed at the exact moment of the eclipse, all the dogs and roosters in the neighborhood began barking, as if on queue.

Moon’s perfect diagonal path coming in front of the Sun from lower right and moving upward and leaving the Sun’s field from the upper left is worth noting. In terms of infinite life force energy flow, diagonal energy is a mediating principle that balances all “partner” energies like right and left sides of the body, feminine and masculine energies, back and front, top and bottom, past and present – making sure that all “partners” have equal amounts of infinite life force to be in harmony.

As a Jin Shin Jyutsu® practitioner and teacher of the Healing Touch Quick Steps, this “mediating” motion is important because the flow of energy was happening “real time” differently than in a meditation or in an inner world journey. This is important because the more of your senses you engage in an experience, the more complete the goodness of the moment.

The rhythm of the primal pulse of source that responds to your touch when you apply Healing Touch Quick Steps energy medicine is that very same cosmic rhythm that occurred with the solar eclipse. This is Big Picture healing energy.

Dr. Jean Houston talks about evolution of humanity including people living archetypal as well as historical lives. Archetypically, Sun is considered Light/Wisdom and Moon is related to emotions/Love; or, Sun is source and Moon is the spark of source that is our soul/spirit/essence in a body/Earth/matter. Light/Wisdom and Love became visible, merged and the diagonal rhythmic movement mediated a universal balancing influence of this highest potential energy for all Life. The eclipse was a “doubled” moment so to speak being archetypal and historic, cosmic and real time physical, invisible and visible, infinite and finite.

No worries if you didn’t spend two or three hours synchronizing your conscious and unconscious awareness with Sunday’s eclipse. You still received healing influences of the eclipse because our bodies are natural receptors of the Love and Light of the Cosmos. The roots of our being are heavenly.

In thinking of these cosmic movements, I am reminded of something Dr. Deepak Chopra says. He suggests that if we come into alignment with the rhythm of the universe there is no aging or entropy. And if there is entropy, it happens at the speed of the slowness of eons of time passing. And what stops us from coming into the rhythm of the universe? You guessed it. Stress.

How wonderful to witness a condensed version of cosmic timing in real time. Remember, you can always have a real time stress relieving experience of "cosmic timing" effortlessly by receiving a Jin Shin Jyutsu session and by applying the universal art of Healing Touch Quick Steps daily.

All in all, I really enjoyed my solar eclipse experience. I hope you did too.

Many blessings,


*“An annular eclipse is one in which the dark body of the moon is smaller than the disk of the sun, so that at the height of it the sun appears as a ring of light.” Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper (And this is something to ponder as well. BJS)

Copyright 2012 Barbara J. Semple. Photos by Tom Semple.