In this perfect timing of springtime and new life, introducing HEAL NOW Cards!

You asked for it. After nine months from start to finish, HEAL NOW Cards are on their way. I’m expecting to receive a shipment any day and I’m offering you a special discount for pre-orders.

Based on my best selling book Instant Healing  – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul endorsed by Dr. Bernie Siegel, HEAL NOW Cards are portable access to Healing Touch Quick Steps for engaging your inner source energy with split second ability to tune into a place of eternal, timeless, perfect health.

By naturally relieving tension and stress that cause back pain, headaches, heart and blood disorders and such, "stuck" energies shift into flowing energies essential for all body-mind-spirit activities of living your highest potential.

My good friend, Dr. Richard Shames, practicing physician, holistic MD, and best selling author of Thyroid Power, says the HEAL NOW Cards are "…a real preventive medicine gold mine!"

HEAL NOW Cards stand out as a superb energy medicine option for health and well being. 

Imagine talking to your cells and saying, “Heal now.”  The time is now.

Here are the specifics:

– A deck of 81 Healing Touch Quick Steps

– 4” by 6” size, full color both sides, laminated, comes in a beautiful, study box for storage

– Contains 50 Healing Touch Quick Steps plus includes

– One Step Helpers Quick Steps, Fast Emotional Balancer Quick Steps and the Top 10 Healing Touch Quick Steps

– 20 Brand New First Aid Healing Touch Quick Step cards

– Index for fast reference to relief

– Convenient

– Excellent clarity and ease of use

One of the features that I am most excited about is the 20 First Aid Healing Touch Quick Steps cards. You’ll find Healing Touch Quick Steps First Aid for:


Babies of All Ages

Back Pain

Blood Sugar Balancing


Bug Bites



Colds, Flu




Helps Everything




Sore Muscles




Any one of these 20 cards can be truly valuable complementary support in a moment’s need.

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Here's to your health! Feel free to share this special offer with your friends.

Many blessings,