The subtleties of Nature are becoming not so subtle. It seems the energies of Mother Earth are strong and urgent these days. What is emerging from the dormancy of winter? Is it spring or winter, or both? We’re not quite there yet. We are in a transition of not clearly winter and not clearly spring. Rather both are happening simultaneously in my part of the world. There is an energy occurring that feels “in between AND both” and “transition” is a key word.

Gaia is beginning to inhale. The Breath of Life is in motion and the birds are giving us clues. Over the years I have watched the raven crows return to our backyard with their “children.” I watched as they paired off. I noticed when they were secluded nurturing new babies. I’ve seen the yearling raven crows alone because the parents are nurturing a new brood. I love watching raven crow parents teaching the young ones how to forage for worms and insects in the grass while the year older siblings tag along too. I’m used to recognizing clearly defined seasons for each of these phases of the birds’ lives. And something odd has come into my awareness.

The other day I saw a pair of quail that were acting as though they were mates. I said to myself, “It’s too early for this.” And near them was a larger covey of quail. Usually during the mating season I only see pairs together. Here were both – the mating pair and the group. Then yesterday, I saw a similar thing in a pair of geese waddling together and very close by was a larger gaggle of geese. It appears that some of the birds have begun to mate while other larger numbers are still hanging out together. Like a vision of a full moon rising in the east while the sun is getting ready to set in the west both visible in a clear blue sky, two actions are meeting and intermingling.

This behavior of birds “in between” seasons and the concept of transitioning between one vibration to another also shows up in the 12 organ functions of our bodies. The body’s natural system of healing includes each of 12 organ functions taking the lead for a 2 hour period in a 24 hour day to focus on the most vitalizing energies for that organ. There are elements of energizing, supporting and harmonizing going on within Nature and within our bodies all the time.

The 12 organ functions operate as a team like a vee of geese flying with one goose at the lead. When one goose gets tired and they all just know that it’s another goose’s turn to lead in order to maximize each one’s energies, there is a smooth transition. One comes forward to lead in high vitality and the other falls back to rest. There is a moment when the goose coming forward and the goose falling back meet.

Are you noticing something falling away from your life while new opportunities are emerging? It isn’t all one or the other yet? I am.

I am mindful of another example of transition happening within me in that I am really feeling drawn to bright clear red now. Am I feeling this affinity because Valentine’s Day is right around the corner or does Valentine’s Day coincide with Gaia circulating primordial red fire light in the Northern Hemisphere causing an awakening of the sleeping ones of winter?

With all of this transitioning and emerging going on, remember that Healing Touch Quick Steps energy medicine self help in my book, Instant Healing, is a perfect complement for the inner and outer YOU because you have direct access to the source of Life energy. In particular a great Quick Step for transitions and getting in touch with your destiny is the one called “Use Your Life Well.” To stay in tune with your inner primordial fire you can apply the Quick Step called “The Central Connection.”

I am sending you blessings for your health and wholeness.



Copyright (c) 2012 Barbara J. Semple