Happy Solstice!

A quickening is truly upon us in addition to the return of ever more sunlight in our days. Could it be a quickening too, of ever more of the Light that is love and wisdom? Every day souls around the world are coming to know in their heart of hearts that living from love and joy is the way they want the world to be – Joy to the world!

As I was meditating this morning I had a feeling a momentum that had been building for me over the past few weeks had shifted to a greater understanding and that has brought me peace. The spiritual scientist, me, finds it interesting to feel an energy gathering and then to finally feel it viscerally all the way in the body. There is a way of emergence that begins as subtle, invisible energy as it moves fully into matter. The love and gratitude I am feeling this morning feels like a moment in time or out of time with the Solstice energy. It feels quite delightful. May you experience moments like these as well.

Have you noticed an increase in feelings of unconditional love seeming to come from “out of the blue” for you? Are you aware of bits of intuition and wisdom coming into your mind and seemingly solving problems before they have occurred?  Solutions are “in the air” so to speak. They are.

I heard a new word spoken this week and I love it! The word is “blessence” and it defines what occurs when there is a blending of Your Highest Essence and You as a body-mind-spirit in a body; “The One” in the body; “the Universe in person” – “Blessence.” My understanding of “blessence” is that for a person to know “blessence” completely, s/he needs to consciously choose this deeply nurturing thing. May a whole being personal understanding of “blessence” be the gift to you in 2012 and forever.

Keep an eye out for “blessence” in your life. Look around you, in your home, the clothes you wear, how you adorn yourself, and see how you as “Blessence” have decorated your home, what kind of art, music, furnishings, food do you choose? Are there subtle messages here for you? Do you feel joy and beauty?

Look for the harmony in your life. Applaud it. “Yes, more please!” Consider this. A daily practice of connecting with source energy by applying Healing Touch Quick Steps energy medicine and more and more moments of unconditional love in your life, feed you as “Blessence.” Everywhere harmony is, so is “Blessence” – the highest vibration of you.

Thank you for your your presence in my life. I am looking forward to sharing more of the emerging journey with you in the future.

I am sending you love and blessings for your highest, best health and wholeness – blessence! Happy Holy Days…

Barbara J. Semple

Evolving Health Pioneer

(c) 2011 Barbara J. Semple. All rights reserved.