I’m writing to share some thoughts that have arisen for me from the influx of energies around 11-11-11 including an unconditional flow of giving and receiving, accelerating time, shifts happening, the “Noosphere” and more. All of this as we move into a holiday season filled with travel plans, getting together with family and friends, and lots of eating. So, before we get too full…

Time certainly seems to be accelerating these days. Is Life living me? Yes, there is an Impulse phenomenally larger than me causing movement and awareness throughout the planet. You can look at happenings in the news around the world to see shifts playing out from problems that have become evolutionary drivers.

And then there are celestial timings. I am enjoying seeing Jupiter so luminous in the night sky again. The Full Moon on the morning of 11-11-11 was spectacular. I woke up before sunrise and Moon in the western sky was as bright as day with a lovely pink aura around it. I definitely felt magic was “in the air” as Moon and Sun changed duties for the day powerful and simultaneously smooth as silk like owls ruling the night and hawks ruling the day.  Whatever 11-11-11 was for you, I hope you noticed more love and light in your life.

I did meditate at 11 a.m. that day and experienced a sense of Big Love filling my field. I found myself sending love to Gaia and all of Her inhabitants and then to everyone I knew as well just like what happens when I make a pot of soup from scratch. I am cutting all of the vegetables and preparing for each phase of the soup creation and I find myself sending everyone I know and even people I don’t know, love.  I feel overflowing with nourishing, nurturing love. So, you may have felt me sending energies your way.

I made an elk hide drum on Thursday of the Full Moon. Elk ‘medicine’ brings a message to pace yourself and rest to sustain great physical stamina. So on 11-11-11 at regular intervals throughout the day and into the night my drum was involuntarily making sounds as it was drying and tightening. It was beating on its own that day!

“Beating on its own…” What is present for me lately is the magnificence of my heart – the heart – and how it beats without any effort on my part. And my breath – I am breathed without any work on my part. Then what follows is, “Who is breathing me, who is beating my heart?”

Now to thoughts of thanksgiving with 11-11-11 energies “in the air,” in the “Noosphere” (pronounced “know a sphere'”: the sphere of human consciousness and mental activity, especially in regard to its influence on the biosphere and in relation to evolution) [see Jose Arguelles’ book, Manifesto for the Noosphere: The Next Stage in the Evolution of Human Consciousness]. Consider the natural flow of giving and receiving. Giving and receiving are two sides of the same breath, the exhale and the inhale. When someone says s/he is really into giving, giving, giving much more than receiving, isn’t that placing a conscious or unconscious intention to receive less and placing a “condition” on the natural, unconditional flow of giving and receiving? When one gives from the heart, Oneness, Essential or Authentic self, one always receives, in fact actually opens the door to receive as well.

Effortlessly giving and receiving, exhaling and inhaling, is second nature, true nature really,  like breathing. You cannot say, “I am exhaling and I am not going to inhale as much as I am exhaling.” And yet, many people do breathe lopsided, don’t they? The natural flow of “godness,” when we are being breathed by God/Source/Creative Intelligence/Impulse, the exhaling and inhaling that are both part of one whole breath, are even, like yin and yang, as above, so below, so within, so on the outer. One part does not receive any less or any more than the other part and both are part of a Whole breath. Giving and not allowing the ability to fully receive or placing a ‘condition’ on it like “I’d rather give than receive,” closes the door to wholeness and inner source’s agenda.

Getting together, simply being in heart to heart, spirit to spirit space, the place or field of the love and light of Oneness together uplifts and expands the Whole. When we do, we create a resonating field that literally informs the whole field of consciousness and in particular our planet, Gaia. In this “giving and receiving” time that can be quite busy, remember to make space for being spirit to spirit, heart to heart. Spirit can be best heard coming from Silence and making quiet space for “no thing” in Nature and by connecting with your inner source with Healing Touch Quick Steps energy medicine allows the mind and outer surroundings to slow down a bit to receive the special gifts from those moments.

Fyi, holding the thumb helps make space and helps with digestion of food as well; and making a ring with your thumb and ring finger encourages a natural flow of the breath. Something to think about…

I send you many blessings for your health and wholeness. Happy thanksgiving wherever you are.

Barbara J. Semple

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Copright (c) 2011 Barbara J. Semple