It is one thing to surrender to a situation that isn’t flowing and say, "I have no control over this outcome and I just have to let it go." It is quite another experience altogether to shift my thoughts of surrender to, "Stop, let’s let go of the chaos and begin to see with evolutionary eyes."

Recently I had to order some vitamins from a large company over the phone. The supplements I wanted were on back order and they could not take my order and then send the items to me when they were available. The customer service rep said I needed to try calling back in a few days. I did call back, and she said try calling back in a few more days. I did. And one more time I called and still no availability of supplements.

This really sounds like a very mundane story, and, this very story brought in a Big Love moment spark of the Divine for me.

Finally I called, the supplements were in stock and I asked them to send them to me at a friend’s house. This friend lives in a small town that only has a post office. No ability to receive UPS parcels. The company only sends product out UPS. I know, why not get my supplements from somewhere else? This company was the source of this product and I could not get them from somewhere else.

So, the customer service person spent his time telling me that it was impossible for them to send this one bottle of vitamins by priority mail. “Impossible,” he said. I thought, "Do you not send and receive mail via the postal service everyday? Could you not put this one bottle in an envelope and send it to me?"

“We cannot send product that way,” was his answer.

See what I mean by chaotic and mundane.

I was aware of my energy engaging this matter. And I consciously said to the manager now (since the customer service rep had transferred me to her since “Essence” was not taking “no” for an answer), “Would you please consider doing me this simple act of kindness and have someone send these much needed supplements to me that have been unavailable from you for a month, via priority mail?”

Well, she had to talk to someone else to get permission to make an exception and it was likely that my request would not happen, she said. At this point, I had given this project all the energy I was going to give it, and I was thinking to myself, “Why had I allowed myself to get pulled into this chaos over something as silly as ordering supplements?”

In the next moment, I said to myself in my frustration, “I give up!” I waited for a few moments as the excess energy faded away, and then I thought, “Let’s see this situation with evolutionary eyes.”

Well, within seconds I had a realization of at least three other possible outcomes besides the one I was so hoping for. The options were all versions I could say “yes” to, and I relaxed into an inner knowing that however it went, I would get what I needed. THAT was the Divine moment within this truly mundane life instance. The moment wasn’t just surrender to whatever may come. My evolutionary eyes vision had given me possibilities I had not thought of, AND had caused me to be filled with a Graceful knowing almost instantly. I felt so, well, loved. I felt Big Love. My problem had been solved with ease, grace, and joy, and I felt deeply nurtured in the process.

Yes, the customer service person did finally call me back, and she did say they would make this one exception and send my supplements via priority mail. (The outcome I had hoped for.)

Today, thinking back on that very cool outcome, I am remembering Albert Einstein’s words, “You cannot solve a problem with the same thinking that created it.” Yes, seeing through evolutionary eyes is the answer for me to Einstein’s statement and good old Albert's way of saying, "Evolve!" For me, consciously doing so seems to bring about more harmonious possibilities in a flash – a quantum moment – like an exhale and an inhale. You cannot have one without the other and still be alive!

Many blessings,

Barbara J. Semple, Evolutionary Health Advocate