According to, on August 17 a new DVD will be released entitled, Temple Grandin. Temple Grandin is the author of Animals in Translation and says that she herself is an autistic person. This past week a discussion of autism and energy healing self-help came up in a recent class I attended, and so did the subject of Temple Grandin. Some realizations were made…

The question was how do we support an autistic person in need? How do we support a harmonizing of this medical label with Jin Shin Jyutsu® sessions? What immediately came to mind for me was a story in Temple Grandin's Animals in Translation. Ms. Grandin's work with animals includes being a highly paid consultant
for farmers and ranchers by advising them how to best calm and keep healthy
their herds. And there is an important message here about how energy healing
may be beneficial in comforting an autistic person. 

Grandin discusses cattle. From her observations, for
example, it can be deeply stressful when cattle are herded into a shoot to be
loaded into a big truck for transport. She says simply by having a cowhand’s yellow
shirt hung askew on the gate or something out of the ordinary in the view of
the animals en route to the shoot is enough to cause fear, irritation and chaos
among the animals, making them back away from the shoot, and of course instigating
whole body stress. As I remember her story, she says that when cattle are brought into a shoot and then
gently squeezed mechanically and held in place for a few moments they become instantly calmer and happier, and move through the shoot with ease.

Why am I mentioning this and how does it relate to energy healing? Well, Ms. Grandin says the way she made it through
college as an autistic person was by making herself a “squeeze box” into which
she could enter when she was feeling overwhelmed by her outside, unpredictable
environment. This "squeezing" is an important clue for using energy healing self-help. There is a correlation between a squeeze box or "container" need for touching, calming and nurturing
and the Spleen and Stomach functions of Oriental Medicine, and the first depth of Jin
Shin Jyutsu
. Both speak to the “containment” functions and the skin surface
level of our human development, in other words, touching, healthy boundaries and
nourishing and nurturing.  Any person with "container" discomforts may find help here.

Ergo, as a Jin
Shin Jyutsu
having listened to the pulses, you may help soothe an autistic person’s personal
journey with 1 Flow, 10 Flow, and Reversing and Increasing First Depth,  as
part of your healing  touch session. And, as an individual seeking self-help from my Instant Healing book (based on my understandings of Jin Shin Jyutsu) you may apply the Healing Touch Quick Steps Healthy Boundaries, Nourish and
, and Higher Wisdom, for example.

Something to consider…

Many blessings for your health and wholeness,

Barbara J. Semple

Self-Healing Activist, and Best Selling author of the award-winning book, Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul

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