Recently a man wrote me with questions about how to help his wife. He said he had purchased the Instant Healing book for her and that within a short period of time, her pain symptoms caused her to be unable to continue applying the self-help steps. I began thinking about how to help her and discovered there are many options for helping oneself with the Healing Touch Quick Steps if your fingers and hands are hurting.

First of all, whenever you are applying the Healing Touch Quick Steps, make sure you do so without using pressure or force or digging, massaging or manipulating – simply and gently place your fingertips and hands on an area and be, doing nothing, with your body's natural system of healing.

Secondly, if for a brief time is all you can comfortably hold a hand or finger position, that is fine. It will be your baseline for observing increased harmony the longer you can hold an application of hands.

If you are experiencing pain while holding, don't hold that way. You can use flat palms, backs of palms, resting arms on pillows, raising an area with pillows under that area. Be be creative in finding your comfort zone with applying a Quick Step.  A person should not feel pain while applying the energy self-help holds.

If your hands and fingers hurt to touch places on your body, you may simply "hover" over an area with your hands, with the intention to touch that area, only simply hovering over the area instead of touching. And, if that is still too painful, you may simply look at a picture of a Healing Touch Quick Step in the Instant Healing book, and "imagine" your hands are at those places on your body and then simply be with the awareness that your mind is there at the places where the model's hands are.

You may also ask for help from a loved one or friend. They can give you simple Quick Steps like "Breathe from Toes to Head" (holding her big toes gently).

Another option is for your friend to read out loud where to place the hands and let your mind simply go to those places on your body.

Another option is for your friend to apply the Quick Steps on his or her body and intend the "merit" of that energy healing to include you.

This is the beauty of energy healing – it is not bound by space and time and the healing energy field that is created when you apply the Quick Steps to your body can expand to include another. 

Since I don't know the specifics of the symptoms, though it sounds like there is pain, you may also receive help from a loved one by asking him or her to apply the one "Moving Pains" (#47) and also the one called "Personal Analgesic" (#48).

The more discomfort a person has, the less time you should apply energy help. The objective is to encourage comfort and feeling relief and improving one's ability to breathe deeply and happily. Simpler is better.

The fact that you are willing to apply or think about these Healing Touch Quick Steps means that you are choosing to go in the direction of "health creating" energy movement with Source as the "Big Doer." When you persist in this process of going in the direction of "health creating" energy even as little as a minute a day if that is all you can do, you may notice change, whatever that is for you in your healing process. When you put your hands on your body, or imagine doing it or a loved one does it for you, you are, s/he is connecting with Source energy. What better place to be in one's healing process – connected to Source energy? Source is in charge. 

There are always options when you approach your healing process with Source energy as your partner. All goodness is possible even when only "doo doo" seems certain. :-)

Of course all of this information is for educational purposes only. I do not diagnose, treat, cure or prescribe. The Healing Touch Quick Steps may be a complement to whatever you are doing for your health, and are never a replacement for professional medical or emergency care.

I am sending my best wishes for your health and wholeness.

Many blessings,
Barbara, Self Healing Activist and Best Selling Author, Instant Healing – Accessing Creative Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul

Copyright 2010 Barbara J. Semple. Entire contents. All rights reserved.