I just posted this comment on Lynne McTaggart's blog.

I had no idea that Dan Brown was
writing The Lost Symbol and Lynne
McTaggart was planning to star in The
Living Matrix
when I was writing my new book Instant Healing – Accessing Creative
Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul.
My book was released on September 15, 2009.
Talk about everything being part of a
Unified Field of Consciousness…
I am in total awe.
Rather than trying to explain the synchronicity with words that you might think
is some kind of a sell, I’ll share a couple of excerpts.

In The Living Matrix Lynne McTaggart talks about the future of
and says it will become “Information Medicine – Medicine that takes
information and changes the disturbed information is going to be the future of
The entire premise of Instant
is just that – that you and I can change the “disturbed”
information. Here three excerpts from Instant Healing:

5: “Instant healing is an idea whose time has come. It is a growing wave of
understanding that suggests you and Source of All Life are One, and, you
co-create your life together.
Page 24:

“Why is it so important to pay attention to the words you speak,
think and feel? It is literally less stressful on your whole body-mind-spirit
system. With all that your being has to coordinate on a normal day, when
mental, emotional, spiritual and, or physical stress or illness are added, and
Earth’s geomagnetic energies are in flux too, the magnitude of your body’s
energy workload to stay in harmony is compounded. Plus, the subconscious mind
is a very precise “default” mechanism. Just do or feel or say something once
and it is securely stored deep in the recesses of your subconscious and
recalled forever again and again unless you change it.

with words emphasizes a thing and attracts our attention to it. Consider, for
example, scary medical disease “labels” such as cancer, HIV, and so on. How do
these words influence a person’s healing? Just hearing or saying these scary
label words has the mind conjuring all kinds of pictures that may influence a
nano-second response in the flow of infinite life force.”

The energy
healing self-help in the full color picture guide called Instant Healing is
exactly that “Information Medicine” that Lynne is talking about. You and I have
the power to change the disturbed information. Like Dr. Eric Pearl said in The Living Matrix: Healing can happen

Dr. Marilyn
, President of Institute for Noetic Science also says in The Living Matrix, “It’s time for us to
bring these qualities of healing into the mainstream conversation about what is
necessary to create an optimal healing system.”
Instant Healing is not only beginning that dialog, it
gives a person 50 options to experience the Field as pulsing through the body
as well as feel ITS response when you choose to shift your information. The
body already has a natural, optimal healing system.

Here is one final
excerpt from Instant Healing:

Page 146: “Instant healing is a
state of being rather that IS the cure for what ails you. Instant healing is a
new wave of understanding that you and Source are one, and a part of you exists
beyond physical disease.
With the current science expanding
and proving that in a hundredth of a second based on what you think, feel and
say you can shift your body-mind chemistry, and each person who is choosing
deepens her own personal interactions with Source, who knows, maybe humans are
actually evolving into a realm of wholeness in which we can choose to “flip a
switch” to the perfect health part of us to replace a “dis-eased” part of the
body or the entire body? You could call on the perfect health body part waiting
in the wings in the invisible realm to return
the visible, physical
body to its natural state of wholeness.”

See what I mean
by the synchronicity of the Unified Field. HUGE thanks to Lynne, Dr. Bruce
and all of the frontier scientists with the Institute of Noetic Science
and beyond, for creating a wave of momentum to bring this information to mainstream
life, especially at this time with all of the convoluted talk about health care
and funky viruses.

Many blessings,Barbara


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