Today I’m announcing my new book, and letting you know some cool synchronicities about it too.

Instant Healing is on sale now. Your Body’s Been Waiting for This!

Instant Healing – Accessing Creative
Intelligence for Healing Body and Soul
is the complete title of the book. It’s on sale now through You’ll find buying details at the end of this entry if you are

First, I want to let you
know that in November, when all goes well, on Tuesday, November 10 we’ll have a campaign to launch the book on
Right now I am gathering endorsements from authors, and bonus gifts from as
many partners as possible to offer to anyone who buys the book on that day –
November 10. Every one who does buy Instant Healing on that day in that
24-hour period will be helping raise awareness for this timely information, which in
turn gives the book tremendous exposure. Plus, you get LOTS of bonus gifts from
my partners. Yay!

If you are someone, or you
know anyone, who wants to participate in my book launch campaign with by giving a bonus gift, please contact me at
I’d love to connect with you about partnering on this far reaching campaign. I
am happy to support your work too.

The book launch campaign
and your efforts all help to get the book in the hands of as many people as
possible with information that I know can change how the world thinks, feels and acts about healing, especially with
all of the chaos around health care and funky viruses.

Instant Healing is
first class, high quality, top of the line premium, gorgeous. With 160 pages of full color pictures, graphics
and life-sized close-ups,
the book is 8.5 x 8.5 inches, and contains 50
Healing Touch Quick Steps you
can do anywhere, anytime to bring your body and spirit into harmony, plus wisdom you might be reading for the first time. The pictures help you "get" it without using your brain. You can quickly look at a picture and know how to help

I showed a review copy of Instant Healing to the owner of our
local Chinese food restaurant and she confided that she could not read English.
I said, “No problem, just look at the
She was able to apply the self-help in less than 30 seconds.

Safe. Proven. Easy to apply.

What you learn here will help you become
healthier and stay healthier.
Your Body’s Been Waiting for This.

Science and Spirituality FINALLY agree. You
can harness this knowledge for healing your body and soul. In addition to being
version of a "medicine brew" as visionary activist Caroline W. Casey would call it, that includes snippets from Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. Bruce
, Lynne McTaggart, Institute of Noetic Science, Eckhart Tolle, as well as
sparkling gems from others like Mary Burmeister, Gregg Braden, Pythagoras and
Paracelsus too. You might be surprised when you read how simple instant healing

Even if science hadn’t
proven it, I’ve experienced it time and time again while giving my clients healing
The moment someone starts talking about her failed
marriage or his lost job, the life force flow takes a dive. The second the
person switches to talking about her cat or dog or the last thing the new baby
did, the life force soars. Hmm. Your pulses tell a story.

Now I am so excited
about the “Science and Spirituality agreeing” part because of three synchronistic

  1. I hear that Dan
    Brown’s new book, The Lost Symbol,
    is on sale.
  2. Lynne McTaggart’s work in The Intention Experiment was a key
    influence in Instant Healing (my book); she is featured on Pages 12, 22 and 148; and it appears,
  3. Lynne McTaggart’s
    work is listed and iterated in Dan Brown’s book as a major
    factor in his plot development that includes one of the characters having
    written two books on bridging science and spirituality!

timely is that?

Also, my book, Instant Healing, will be displayed for 3 days as well as being
featured in a full color, full page ad in the catalog for the Miami Book Fair International, November
13-15, 2009!
If you are in the area, stop by and take a look at my book at
Xlibris’s booth. I guess there will be over 100,000 people there from all over
the world – literary agents, book sellers, publishers, and so on. So create
your best parking space in your mind ahead of time. (Can you tell I am excited
about all of this?!)

So, back to how to buy
the book.

You can buy now directly from, or you can wait until the November
10th launch day and buy it from It’s not available on
yet. They need some time to get it into the channels of distribution. Or, you could buy a copy now from and
buy another one or two on the launch day for friends and loved ones for
Christmas. I wanted to give you options.

You’ll reach for this book a lot just like a
favorite cookbook. It contains a lifetime of health benefits. If you want to
help someone feel better in 10 seconds or less, this might be the book to give.

Here is what some people
who have seen the book are saying:

“It’s really fun.”

“Keeps my interest, each page is fresh and alive.”

“I love how it feels in my hands.”

“The colors are amazing.”

“This book makes me smile.”

“I’ll keep this one on my coffee table.”

“Great healing consciousness and wisdom too.”

What a lovely way to influence your personal
health and well being, and have fun at the same time! When was the last time
you read a book that actually felt as good holding it as reading it?

So, if you can’t wait until November 10 to buy Instant Healing, you can buy online through

Go to
and click on the Buy Now button for all of the details.

That’s it for now. Thanks
for sharing in my enthusiasm. Instant Healing is the culmination
of 4 years of research and development plus 9 months of putting together every
picture and graphic, and a thousand (just kidding) re-reads to make sure
everything fit perfectly. It has truly been a divinely guided project. Thank
you for sharing this moment with me. And thanks for envisioning its success in
the world too.

Take care. Take great self-care. Many blessings,

Barbara J. Semple, Self-Healing Activist

Copyright 2009 Barbara J. Semple. Entire contents. All rights reserved.