The latest STAR TREK movie with the new young cast and 78-year old Leonard Nimoy as "Future" Spock is a big, fun statement about the power of reframing
your thinking and not only changing your world, but healing it too.

SPOILER Alert: If you have not yet seen the movie, you may want to read this after you've seen it.

In the movie, Future Spock (Leonard Nimoy) meets
and helps Young James T. Kirk (Chris Pine) and certain history that includes Young Spock gets
rewritten. How can this be possible? Of course in the movies anything is
possible. (Can Future Spock be interchanged with Present Moment Spock, and the same with Young Spock and Past Spock? Food for thought.) In reality, it is possible to rewrite and reframe your past. Lucid
, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) psychology, hypnotherapy, Holotropic®
, Rebirthing, Recapitulation, and Shamanic Journeying are some
excellent therapeutic options available for changing your past.

Sitting in a therapist’s office with your psychotherapist
inviting you to imagine the pillow in the opposite chair is your father and now
you get to say whatever you didn’t get to say when you were a child, is another
way to fix your past. However you choose, it can be done and the experience of
consciously reframing or repicturing your past unburdens and releases healing

During this film I had the sense that Future Spock had already experienced some not so comfortable things in his life that he wished to "correct." If he could (and he could), let him dream them differently, healthier, with lighter outcomes. There are a few clues for me that Spock was lucid dreaming
or reframing his past. Future Spock could also have been on a shamanic healing
journey because when Young James Kirk meets Future Spock, Future Spock is in a cave on
a distant planet. Caves have been a part of shamanic healing for thousands of
years.  And Future Spock meets and has a conversation about "cheating or lying" with Young Spock. How cool is that to share your wisdom with your younger self?!

Here are some hints to Spock’s lucid dream shift. First, after
trying to rein in his explosive emotions of sadness and anger at losing his
mother and watching his planet of 6 billion people disintegrate, Young Spock
finally loses it and realizes he is not fit to lead. If you remember, Future
Spock coached Young Kirk to help Young Spock let go. Hint #1.

Secondly, Young Spock is in a romantic relationship with
Uhuru. This is something new for Spock. It suggests that Young Spock was
adventuring beyond the rigidity of his Vulcan training. Hint #2. Thirdly,
during Young Spock’s conflicted life being of mixed race Vulcan and Human, his
father tells him that he never really loved his mother. What a way to toughen
up a young boy who is devoted to his mother. After Young Spock has his
emotional breakdown (a good thing by the way, in terms of healing), his
father fesses up and tells him that he married Spock’s mother because he loved her. (Big
healing moment here!) Hint #3.

The final clue for me that Future Spock was reframing and
actually recreating his past into
something new (and I could be totally making this one up because it happened so
fast) is that Future Spock from some far off land, smiles and says something
like “Forward thrusters” and in the next moment Young Captain Kirk on the USS
in a totally different location says the exact words, “Forward
as the Enterprise engages on its next journey. Hint #4.

Anyway, something to consider. Reframing, recreating, changing and healing your
past is possible, and can be a good thing for your health and well being. Spock did it with wise bravado. Of course remember, when you are doing your emotional release and reframing work, you can add energy healing self-help in the form of Healing Touch Quick Steps, such as the Quick Step called Dancing Moderator and Emotional Balance to aid in your recovery to wholeness. See the latest STAR TREK movie and
come to your own conclusions. Have fun!

Take care. Take great self-care.

Many blessings,

Barbara J. Semple

Copyright (c) 2009 Barbara J. Semple. All rights reserved.