Stress causes a body serious harm. Researchers have already told
us that stress can damage the heart by increasing the risks for high blood
, cardiovascular disease and stroke.

According to Dr. Gary Kaplan, a Long Island neurologist in the September 30, 2005 article
from CanWest News Service called: Job
takes its toll on the brain
,“High stress, long hours, bad
diet (fast food) in the workplace also takes a terrible toll on the brain.”

Dr. Kaplan says that the
area of the brain most affected by stress is the prefrontal cortex. That’s in
the front of the head behind the forehead. Here is the disturbing message. “Brain
imaging and behavioral studies show that the so-called CEO of the brain, which
regulates judgment, planning, problem-solving, decision making, moral reasoning
and sense of self, is actually knocked out by stress.”
The main controller
of the brain is actually knocked out by stress.

that same article, another expert, Fred Travis says, “If you are under
constant stress, your brain is rewiring to just deal with surface facts.”

It can’t handle anything else. He says, “Over time, the body’s natural
feedback mechanisms break down, so even when you’re not in a stressful
situation your body’s activation remains permanently on and at a higher level.”

The fight or flight response in the body to stress causes a form of tunnel
vision that actually takes the prefrontal cortex of the brain offline causing
people to be unable to plan ahead or make far reaching decisions, which are a
function of the prefrontal cortex.

you ever gone to the emergency room at the hospital because of an anxiety
, feeling you were going to fall apart or that you were too afraid to
take a shower because you felt you might fall apart or have a heart attack? Yes,
this is stress to an extreme. If you are someone who has difficulty making
decisions or you’ve lost your sense of self because of stress, if you are
having trouble seeing the Big Picture, consider that it may be because of
compounded stress and that you have actually rewired that part of your brain.

Energy healing self-help such as Healing Touch Quick Steps may be an easy way to support the return your brain functions to a harmonic state of wholeness. One simple Quick Step that has been known to influence healthy brain functions is called Calms Nervous System, and another Quick Step is called Waist Up-Waist Down Harmony. From the application of one or two of the Healing Touch Quick Steps mentioned here you may begin to notice a clearing of your mind, maybe even a sense of feeling energized, relaxed and alert at the same time, all from the reducing
and melting away stress. This is important because no matter what kind of a day
you had at work or at home, you may instantly tap into perfect harmony and
rewire your brain to get yourself back on track.

Remember the Healing Touch Quick Steps do not
replace, treat, diagnose, prescribe or cure. They may simply help you become
clear about how best to help yourself in any moment with any conventional
medicine including getting yourself to a hospital if that is what you need. Be well.

Take care. Take great self-care.

Many blessings,

Barbara J. Semple

(c) Copyright 2009. Barbara J. Semple. Entire contents. Permission received from CanWest News Service.