What is harmony and what are you doing when you harmonize something like an emotion, for example, fear?

Well, first let’s look at the word ‘harmony.” Even if you are not
sure what harmony is, you have a sense of what it is NOT. Layoffs, can't afford health care,
can't pay mortgage, lost house, homeless, lost savings
– These are plenty of deep survival issues about which you can
feel fearful, and they say that something is out of balance. Feeling
out of balance
is NOT harmony.

What if you look at world events, fear or anything – anything
at all –
as simply energy? What if your pain or discomfort is a
stuck or wacky energy response experience? Certainly recovering from a bout of
fear seems more attainable than fixing the world economy. Energies of fear,
loss, sadness, hopelessness, frustration and anger may very well be encouraged
into a sense of order and comfort with energy healing self-help. This is
important because in spite of all the disturbances occurring in and around your
world, harmony is occurring all over the place too! We exist in an ocean of harmony. Yes, "doo
doo" happens, AND there is mostly harmony. Harmony you
have some control over invoking.

Define harmony: ‘an
agreement; accord; a consistent, orderly, or pleasing arrangement of parts.’ In
other words, harmony can mean that various parts, relationships, and
interactions are all getting along well together. Thus, harmonizing is an
activity or movement of energy that causes harmony or accordance or a pleasing
arrangement of parts to exist.

Consider this. You
have billions of interactions and relationships taking place within your body
as well as your outer world every second; yes every second. For instance relationships
with family, friends, pets, co-workers, at church, as well as your thoughts,
feelings and actions all need to comfortably “get along with one another” for
you to experience a sense of balance or stability in any given moment. Your
body, for example, has hundreds of millions of cells, thousands and thousands
of special body tasks and unique organ function details that are all interconnected
and basically do relate pretty well together. This is important because paying some
attention to your personal harmony will most certainly influence subtle and not
so subtle occurrences in your life. When you feel peace and tranquility, everything and everyone around you may know
it too.

Harmony is unique to you.
To you it may mean stress relieved, immune system boosted, muscles toned,
elimination and digestion improved, circulation increased, or that often debilitating
emotion called fear disarmed. Harmony is also less specific. For me it is a state of being in an
effortless ease, grace and joy; an uplifting flow my body and soul rhythms synchronized
with Nature’s rhythms.

“Why synchronize with Nature with
all of the changing weather patterns, tsunamis, hurricanes, wildness and
you might ask. Well the fact is
you cannot separate yourself from Nature. Your body is an exquisite articulation
of Nature. You are part of a Unified Field of Consciousness or Web of Life with
a Source, Creative Intelligence energy in action, continuously animating and
creating life. You always get to
choose participating
with instead of against your natural state of
Healing Touch Quick Steps
energy healing self-help is
one way to support your alignment with Nature. It doesn’t mean “doo doo” will
never happen. “Doo doo” still happens only now you handle it gracefully because
you’re connected with “Big Picture” harmony. Ah.

What is fear doing to
your body?
When you stand in fear, your energy
descends and cannot rise. Have you ever been so scared that you felt you might
poop your pants? That is what fear does in an extreme case in the body of
energy descending. This is important because it is your universal life force energy
freely rising up the back of the body that brings in vitality.
Harmonizing fear then has something to do with urging your body’s natural
system of healing to rise up the back. Energy not rising = no vitality. No
vitality = Destruction of health. This is important
because w
hen fear is harmonized, you are able to relax
and receive nourishing life force to live your life well. Ah.

Harmonize fear now. Hold your index finger. Wrap your thumb and fingers
around your index finger and gently, I do mean gently, be with your body's natural system of healing. Relax
your arms, fingers and hands. Holding your index finger is tapping into Source
. How great is that?

What this all means for you is that you have options in
addition to conventional medical care to help your self align with harmonious forces
of Nature
by applying Healing Touch Quick Steps. Paying
attention is where it all begins to change.

When you do not feel strong enough or healthy enough and
fear overwhelms you, take it easy for the moment. Even when you are perfectly
, fear still creeps in. Whatever is going on, whenever fear
comes forth, disarm it as smoothly
as water sliding off a duck’s back by gently holding your index finger for a
while and then hold the other index finger too. Hold it all day long if you
need to. Sit in your rocking chair and hold your index finger. You are actively
choosing to regain harmony. Watch your energy shift. Think about
that ocean of harmony that is
occurring all around you right now. Your natural state of being is peace and
harmony. Ah.

Take care. Take great self care.Many blessings,


(c) Copyright 2009. Barbara J. Semple. Entire contents. All rights reserved.