I know it is that time of year again when everyone is thinking about weight loss. Is it because Valentine's Day is coming up and everyone wants to fall in love? Is it because we've let ourselves go and with the new year we get to start fresh again? Whatever your reason and whatever you decide to do to reach your perfect weight balance, consider adding Healing Touch Quick Steps energy healing self-help to your new healthy habits. This energy healing self-help is always complementary, always beneficial.

Why bother with energy healing self-help while doing your weight loss program? Because taking care of your energies – physically, mentally, emotionally, and even spiritually – is a holistic way to do weight loss. Your whole being, not just your physical body, are engaged when you change your diet, eat different foods, increase exercise, change your sleep habits, or withdraw from sugar or salt, for example. Healing Touch Quick Steps support you in a holistic, natural, healthy way.

Here are 3 Healing Touch Quick Steps to help you increase your chances for a successful weight loss naturally. How great is that?

#1Healing Touch Quick Step called The Complete Breath Hug:

To apply The Complete Breath Hug simply cross your arms in front of you and place your fingertips in your opposite underarms. Your thumbs are resting flatly on your chest. Now simply drop your shoulders, relax your arms, hands and fingers and count 36 of your exhales. That's it. The Complete Breath Hug may help body ridding the body of accumulations, physical, emotional, mental – whatever the body has held on to, and helps get the lymphatic system going for natural detoxifying energy. 

Did you know that every thought, word and deed begins circulating with your breath and finishes its circulation through your entire body 360 breaths later? Amazing isn't it? So, breathe new life into your  weight balance habit with The Complete Breath Hug. And, for more details about The Complete Breath Hug, see the Healing Touch Quick Steps HOME GUIDE.

#2Healing Touch Quick Step called Healthy Boundaries:

To apply Healthy Boundaries place your fingertips on one of your cheekbones. At the same time, place your other hand fingertips on that same side collarbone. in other words, same side cheekbone and the same side of your body collarbone. Healthy Boundaries can help with all kinds of boundaries – emotional,
mental, and physical – anything that has to do with your “personal container,”
which includes your skin surface containment, as well as a few big ones like self-consciousness, overly critical behavior,
sweet cravings, self-protection and feeling secure in your body. 

Did you know that psychologists have said that an over-weight person may be subconsciously feeling a need to protect oneself by literally adding extra weight on the body to hide the true self? Healthy Boundaries energy self-help helps with awakening a natural harmony of your perfect weight balance by helping the unconscious parts of the body-mind too.

#3 Healing Touch Quick Step called Muscle Tone and Weight Balance:

To apply this energy self-help simply sit on your hands. That's right, simply sit on your hands. Sit comfortably preferably with a soft pillow underneath, hands flat, shoulders, arms, fingers, hands and wrists relaxed without any feelings of discomfort. A teacher of mine says sitting on your hands like this for 20 minutes helps the whole body's natural regenerating ability really kick into action as well as improving your metabolism. Quietly regenerate your whole body while changing your eating habits or doing whatever you are doing as part of your weight loss routine. How many weight loss programs offer that marvelous benefit? Empower yourself today.

Healing Touch Quick Steps energy healing self-help is a fabulous way to complement your weight loss, weight balance program. Remember, weight balance may not be the same as weight loss. Your healthy weight may be different than what your emotional body thinks your weight should be. Be good to yourself. You deserve it.

For more detailed information see the Healing Touch Quick Steps HOME GUIDE. www.healingtouchquicksteps.com

I wish you the very best for your health and wholeness.
Many blessings,
Barbara J. Semple
Self-Healing Advocate

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