We’ll be singing out the old and ringing in the New Year in
the next few days. I wish you blessings of health, wealth and wholeness – now
and always. Now is the perfect time to make energy healing fitness your 2009 resolution. I'll tell you why.

Last month I mentioned I’d have some exciting announcements
in the near future. Well, today is the day. I have been busy revising my
website look and feel. I really like the
waterfall on the main page. This beautiful waterfall is the refreshing opening
scene on the Healing Touch Quick Steps
. You can view it at www.healingtouchquicksteps.com.

Now the really big news…We’re now offering a New and Improved HOME GUIDE.


New Price * More Features * Special Bonus Offer


We’ve bundled in

  • 5 additional picture reference cards including
  • one for PRE- and POST SURGERY Support and
  • one for COLD FLU Relief as well as an
  • EMOTIONAL Balancing audio CD, a 
  • TRAVELLER’S Aid audio CD and a 
  • SOLDIER’S Relief
    audio CD. AND, there’s more.

We’ve created a

  • new eBook of pictures and symptoms that is completely indexed so you
    can choose a symptom and then go right to the picture for the help. (This one
    piece of the HOME GUIDE is worth $97 all by itself with all the research and
    of close to 1,000 symptoms.)

AND, still more. Now you will also receive a

  • slide
    with scene selection of individual Healing Touch Quick Steps and hear audio commentaries at the same
  • PLUS, for a limited you will receive a FREE (really, I’ll call you on my
    dime) 15 minute consultation in which I’ll answer your questions about energy
    healing self-help.

To find out more about the New and Improved HOME GUIDE, simply go to www.healingtouchquicksteps.com
and click on the text under the waterfall video.

Feel free to share this information with your friends. This is a very sweet deal. Many
consider the Healing Touch Quick Steps
HOME GUIDE an excellent health care “re-assuring”
add-on because you always have energy healing know-how at your fingertips
whatever comes your way. A wonderful gift.

Take good self-care and Happy New Year!

Many blessings,

Barbara J. Semple

Self-Healing Advocate

Copyright (c) 2008 Barbara J. Semple. Entire contents. All rights reserved.