Elderly people and saunas. Sounds like a crazy thing to be talking about in the deepest, coldest part of winter with Arctic blizzards occurring and way below freezing temperatures outside in Northern Hemispheric places, unless you frequent a sauna. This is a short article about using a specific Healing Touch Quick Step to help clear heat out of the body fairly quickly.

Last week while exercising in the pool at the local fitness center, I saw an elderly man stagger out of the sauna and almost fall into the jacuzzi. Every part of his body that was visible – legs, arms, chest, face, head -  was an evenly bright red. He looked like someone had painted him fire engine red. I happened to know the man and began engaging him in conversation to see if he was all right. His life force was so shallow that he spoke very faintly. He was not all right.

He was sitting in a chair near the pool and was acting agitated. He could not get comfortable. He put his head in his hands and bent over. Then he tried to cover his head with his towel and he put his head back down in his lap.

I felt intuitively that he needed to get his body cooled down as quickly as possible. I exited the pool and calmly walked over to him. I looked around for the fitness center attendant. I didn't see her. There was one other person in the pool area with me, a student of mine actually. I felt it important to stay with the man, my friend. All of this was happening very fast. I did not know until I did a Google search later at home that heat exhaustion and heat stroke can actually cause organ failure and death.

I had been in the pool for 24 minutes when the man walked out of the sauna. He was in a 179 degree extreme heat environment, engaged in an interesting conversation with someone. He lost track of time. He'd been in for 30 minutes or more, and he was a man in his 70's.

I carried a wastebasket and a box of tissues to him in case he might vomit. He needed to blow his nose. I asked if I could get him some cool water. He had a water bottle close by that in his weakened state he could not pick up by himself. I helped him sip water.

I asked if I could help cool down his body. He said yes. I asked if I could place my hands on him. He said yes. First I gently touched his elbow, and placed my other hand on his opposite front rib so he could feel where to place his hands. I took a step back from him and applied the same Healing Quick Step to myself so that he could see what I was doing. So he didn't have to figure anything out. The man mimicked what I was doing and placed his fingertips on his elbow and other hand on his opposite bottom rib. Within about 15 seconds (all the while he was talking softly about the delightful conversation he'd just had with an interesting fellow in the sauna) he said: "Oh my dear I am suddenly feeling better," exhaled and smiled. He continued to hold his elbow and opposite bottom rib for maybe 5 minutes (I continued to hold mine too) and then I suggested "we" switch sides and do the other elbow and opposite rib for good measure. We did that.

I stayed with the man for about 10 minutes. The first clue to his body responding positively to the therapeutic healing touch was when I heard him say he was suddenly feeling better. That was a fairly instant clue. Both the other woman in the pool and I continued to witness in amazement as the redness literally began to leave his body from the top of his face descending all the way down his face! One part of his face was now white, natural skin tone and there was a perfect horizontal dividing line across his face where the natural skin tone filled in and the red color was vanishing. It seemed so surreal, as though his body was a bottle of red water and the red liquid  was somehow effortlessly emptying itself out of this man's face and down the front of his body in a perfectly measured way, like the redness was being pulled out of his "container" from the bottoms of his feet. His skin tone went from complete red to normal skin tone before our very eyes! The sound of his voice becoming stronger, and the man becoming more present also told me that his life force was coming out of its critical need.

I am always in awe at the seeming miracles I observe in others as well as myself with these energy healing quick steps.

Now of course, Healing Touch Quick Steps do not replace emergency medical care. The fitness center attendant, who was also an emergency medical tech, came in minutes later. And, by the time she had arrived, this man was markedly on the track of cooler health again. And I heard later that the man was back at the sauna every day after that, only this time for much less time. I thought to myself, he is acting as though nothing ever happened. Did he receive help that was that good? I do not know. I think I would have stayed out of the sauna for at least a few days. And, every person's harmony is different.

So for future reference, you will find in your own Healing Touch Quick Steps HOME GUIDE, which you can purchase at my website if you do not already have one, the Healing Touch Quick Step for cooling the body that we did to help this man is called Uplifts, Brings Vitality, Recharges Heart.

Happy Solstice. Stay warm but not extreme heat for long periods of time.
Take care. Take great self-care.

Many blessings,
Barbara J. Semple
Self-Healing Advocate


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