An Obama non-supporter has responded to my article about a global soul movement coinciding with the election of Barrack Obama.

ASG writes: "What about those of us that stayed in alignment with our truths and were
not supporters of Obama?"

That enlivened my own inner dialog, which I respectfully sent back to ASG.

"I believe all is in divine order and that the dynamic of
Obama is not an isolated thing for democrats only. All parts
(individuals, states, countries, continents) have opportunities to participate

in wholeness, which means more light shining everywhere, more opportunities for
cleansing, coming into greater wholeness rather than separated. What
matters is that there is a new opportunity for
movement on a Cosmic and global
Venus, Jupiter, all celestial movements are all much bigger
than any American election. Staying in alignment with your truth is more
important than anything happening with an election. I expect you will probably
notice gifts in the global energy movement as well
as yourself as this "God
Thank you for commenting. I was thinking with compassion of
others who may not have been Obama supporters when I wrote the article. The soul
always chooses the
fastest path to awakening. And these are definitely
challenging times on many levels. My purpose is to remind folks that no matter
where you are in your life process and no matter what is going on in the
world, you always have the ability to tap into your body's natural system of
, to adjust your sails even when you do not have control over the Wind,
so to speak, and to bring your being into
Thank you again for commenting. Respectfully submitted with blessings,

ASG responded. "Barbara, All is divine order.  Hitler was divine order.  His eyes were the
same as Jesus'. Within all order are choices.  I am neither party but trust
my own guidance. My gut has an uneasiness about Obama.  One world order. 
FEMA concentrations camps.  He is a heavy smoker.  What does that do to his
heart?  When there is critical mass the decisions are made on the tide that
they are able to create.  Out of innocence maybe, out of ignorance probably. 
Wanting change most likely.  I sincerely hope that he is about to harness the
revelry around him and stand in a more divine truth.  What I feel is that we
are to crumble.  Old structure out and new in.  The variables are how low do
we need to go before we as a species and consciousness on the planet bring
ourselves into an alignment with all known creation.  I don't see Obama as a
conscious individual.  Maybe with enough Baptisms he will become so.  It is
not the planet that is in peril, it is humankind as we know

Individual focus and alignment with ones own self is the route that
seems the safest.  Then indeed it doesn't matter who is in power and power
it is.  Hopefully, the work of the 80's and 90's have prepared enough of us
to stand in our truths to be downloaded with information and abilities to not
only help ourselves but others. May you always follow your guidance to
express yourself, ASG."

Deeper feelings emerged from within me for which I am grateful to ASG for having stimulated. Here is my response.

Thank you for your reply.
If I did not know in the deepest part of my being that
there is more to me (each of us) than what appears
to be physical, I would have
given up a long time ago. From my own experiences over many years of struggling with
physical challenges I have come to know a deep Truth. I am in relationship with
IT always.
And, I came to know IT (Infinite Truth) exactly because of my challenges
with physical health. I am very sure that I am not the only one to have come to
a deep knowing from physical pain and suffering. That is why I
am so passionate
about those who are searching, ready, willing and able to, connecting with the
Divine Spirit,
or as Eckhart Tolle calls it,
"The Consciousness that is
inhabiting this body"
that is not the subconscious or ego or anything
really physical at all. I feel that Divine Spirit, Infinite Truth to be Source
of all Sources.
Source is bigger than anything physical.


I also feel that there is nothing to be downloaded
to us. We are created in the image and likeness. Many just don't know
it yet. When we need the next level of information and abilities, they will
appear the
same way that we knew how to breathe in water before we were born and
the moment we needed to breathe in air, we were able to do so instantly.
I understand Obama is not perfect. Just as I understand
that if GW and team had not been exactly as they had been, there would not now
be a global movement of souls who are choosing a better world. It is
not about
It is on a much bigger scale, which is where I do my best to remember to
be. And I feel you are right, individual focus and alignment with one's self is
not only the safest route, it is the
only route. Our job is to be and
to radiate as much Light (Consciousness, Divine Intelligence) and Love
Unconditional Love) as we can, which is naturally generated from Within in
endless supply
when we are free from stress and constrictive, negative
We know what needs to be done to
keep our connection with Source
happily flowing through and around us. And, it is the conditions (upbringing,
learned behaviors, past lives memories, subconscious, etc.) of our physical
that can
control us when we let them. I know I must be vigilant.
We always have free will to choose in any given moment – Do we choose what
nourishes and nurtures our Light and Love, or do we choose that which
We can only choose for our self. And others doing the same.
I feel that everything we witness (as the Bigger Self,
Observer) playing out in our country and the world is not what is real, only
opportunities for each person again and again to make choices for Wholeness. One
person having the power to kill hundreds of thousands of people for sure is an aberration with deep seated emotional disturbances, and it was in Divine Order
for that moment. (I am the first to say that I do
not always know the reason for
anything. Hindsight has told me that every opportunity has awakened more and
more humans that war and killing are not the answer to harmony. And. I do
remember in the
Bhagavad Ghita Krishna telling Arjuna that he had to
fight because it was only through being in the physical realm that he could know
the wisdom of the whole. So…) And, similar Hitlers have existed since
beginning of human beings on Earth. So it cannot be about a Hitler or an Obama.
even says it's not about him. That is why I mentioned in my blog article
about millions of people exhaling at the
same time. That was a Cosmic Moment of
millions literally expressing with their breath something specific. Every person
choosing Love over hate benefits the Whole. That is what celestial movements

remind us. Little human is not the center of the Universe, and what little human
chooses to do, think, say and feel, has an influence on everything else in the
Unified Field of Consciousness. Good thing there are
safeguards just like there
are safeguards in the body and safeguards in the electrical system of your house
(circuit breaker) that can isolate the harm to a certain extent. Again my job
and every other
person's job, is to be in alignment with our Infinite Truth and
live from there as much as possible. Then we don't overload our personal system
or any exponential system out from that. Right now we have tons and
tons of
opportunities to choose compassion and light
over criticism and whatever. Senses
of fear and disturbance within myself are where I must do the healing work. That
is where Krishna might say to
Arjuna, "Look at the disturbance, fight it if
you have to, and from there you will gain the greater wisdom."
goodness for these body messages that say
"Please help me come into
Thank you so much for sparking this dialog within myself
and that I may share it with you. Sometimes it is good for me to go beyond what
I feel to observe and be inclusive of other viewpoints. Thank you for
that for me on this subject. Many blessings, Barbara."

Take care. Take great self-care.
Barbara J. Semple
Self-Healing Advocate

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