It's time to
weigh in on the subject of fear. And give you a little secret way to harmonize

Layoffs, can't afford health care, can't pay mortgage, lost house, homeless, lost savings – There are plenty of very deep survival issues to feel fearful about these days. As usual I am looking at the world events as energy as if it were my client. What energies are going on here and is there anything positive? Yes, harmony is all over the place! Yes, "doo doo" is still happening, AND there is harmony too – Harmony you have some control over invoking. 

Currently there are major Cosmic Forces at work in the
night's sky to temper so to speak all of the fear "doo doo" that is currently right at the
surface of collective consciousness (meaning a lot of people are dealing with this)  to be released, dissolved and let go of. My suggestion for my self is to keep letting it go. Keep raising my vibrations by being in
, the part that is not connected to the lowly mind (god bless
it), and applying my energy healing self-help.

If you look in the night sky right after sunset,
you will be seeing since November 1, a great influential movement of Jupiter and
and then a triangulation with the Moon. Jupiter is all about soul
movement, expansion, transformation. In the physio (body)-philosophy of Jin
Shin Jyutsu
healing art, Jupiter rules the Liver-Gall Bladder forces, the
Key/Quintessence element. It is the Divine Intelligence that binds the soul to
the body. That's how big Jupiter's influence is in the body. And Venus, is all
about the breath, order, beauty, love, relationship, harmony.
In our body, Venus rules the
Lung-Large Intestine processes (receiving and letting go, inhaling and
exhaling). Another very big influence going on now with Venus having just risen
from the underworld last month victorious. And, enter the Moon, waxing Moon, all
about feelings, emotions. Big.

What does this all mean to you? It means that your Soul, Higher Power, Spirit, godself – whatever name you choose – is being supported in a Cosmic way right now and so is your body with the support from Venus – Breath being foundational to all of life in a body. You can easily help your self align with these positive forces of Nature by applying Healing Touch Quick Steps. Live in accordance with Nature.

Recently I saw the movie about the life of spiritual teacher Gurdjief, which is called Meetings with Remarkable Men. One of the bits of wisdom I gleaned was: "The body and the soul depend on each other."  We have to take care of both. Sometimes subdue one and uplift the other as the case may be. In any event, body and soul work together as are Jupiter and Venus celestially now.

Now when a person stands in fear, your energy descends and cannot
rise. (Have you ever been so scared that you felt you might poop your pants? That is what fear does in an extreme case in the body.) It is your energy rising up the back of the body that is your vitality.
Energy can't rise, no vitality. No vitality? Destruction of health This is important because
When fear is harmonized, you are able to relax and receive nourishing life force
to live your life well. Ah
. To help harmonize fear, hold your index finger.
Wrap your thumb and fingers around your index finger and gently, I mean gently,
be with your body's natural system of healing. Holding your index finger is
tapping into Source energy. THERE'S a big influence.

Everyone is at varying stages of this emotional cleansing "project."
I remind myself to remember my "godself" or as the Ancient Egyptians call it,
"the godling" self. If you do not feel good, strong enough, healthy
enough and the fear overwhelms you, take it easy for the moment. Even when you are perfectly healthy, fear still creeps in. Whatever is
going on, whenever fear comes forth, you can hold your index finger. Hold it all
day long if you need to. Be your own testimonial for harmony. Watch the energy
Remember what you think about you bring about. Maybe thinking about
harmony is a good idea. Ah.

Take care. Take good self-care.

Many blessings,

Barbara J. Semple

Self-Care Expert

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