The forces of Nature might have birthed and may be enlivening a new Global Soul Movement.  This November the seasons as well as the planets
are literally lining up to encourage a different cosmic day, and our physical Body-Mind-Spirit is aligned as well. Venus
is prominent in this new cosmic day, a day of choosing wholeness – and it all
comes down to the breath.

the energy.
First, to clarify, it is my
understanding that the term “cosmic day
is really a period of time that last hundreds of thousands of years – a very
long time. Now, on a planetary scale something magnificent has been catalyzed
with the U.S.
presidential election decision. Barack
personifies the best of us, the essence of who we are, a divine intelligence
that includes the steps to the highest levels of self. These are characteristics of Venus. Venus influences in many ways
with wisdom innate within each of us. This is important because now we can
choose to match the energies President-Elect Obama embodies. An exciting shift
in global soul movement has begun.

nurtures and sustains the soul.
Astrologically, Venus and Jupiter actually are moving closer together in the night sky during
and will appear to be touching by November 30. Jupiter is all
about expansion. Jupiter represents soul movement. Physically, mentally,
emotionally, and spiritually, Venus
represents our relationship with our personal ideals of peace, love, beauty,
order and harmony.
Venus tells us what sustains and nurtures the soul. Venus
brings us common sense by harmonizing
our breath
, the complete union of inhale and exhale. Venus teaches us how
to be mother and father to ourselves, how to nurture the Light that we are.

A pattern
for the coming year.
According to Cayelin K. Castell (
in her November Celestial Timings, “One of the factors that is occurring now
that helps to set the pattern for the coming year is the Moon conjunction with Venus at the 4th Gate referred to by the
Sumerians as the Gate of Compassion. The "out of bounds" Sagittarius
Moon meets with Venus (17 Sagittarius) just after Midnight Pacific Time
[November 1]. This marks the passage of the Queen of Heaven through the fourth
gate on her return journey from the underworld.

The current Venus cycle is now in her evening star phase where she is retrieving the vestments
she was required to give up when she was going into the underworld. The fourth
gate is associated with the fourth chakra (a.k.a the heart chakra) where she retrieves her Breast Plate and her
ability to truly love herself in healthy ways and thus truly love others. This
powerful theme of Self-Love is being
set into the unfolding pattern for the coming year. Genuine healthy Self-Love
is perhaps the most primary key to living a fulfilling, joyful life and to
navigating these chaotic times.”

loud exhales.
On election night, a large group of
folks in our town filled a local restaurant to watch the results. After Barack
Obama was announced the winner I found myself exhaling big loud, sighing
exhales the rest of the evening. Everyone in the restaurant was crying,
sighing, laughing – lots of big exhaling was happening. Grant Park, Chicago was even larger numbers of the same. I had a
sense that the whole world was probably exhaling too, having held its breath quite
a bit over the last 8 years. This is important because under an ongoing stress
of unconsciously not breathing feeling able to breathe, an individual can only
handle surface facts and tends to lose its sense of self because the body
system spends its precious life force doing everything in its power just to
stay alive. All of its reserves get used up surviving.

okay to exhale.
The act of breathing has been all
over the news. The day after the election, Keith
Olbermann of MSNBC’s Countdown

told the world, "Alright, you can
all exhale now.”
Imagine not being able to exhale. The body would die.
Well, energetically, a dying process was happening for millions and millions of
people during the last 8 years. Not being able to breathe easily and completely
was surely the cause of massive hopelessness.


directive for a nation
. Now, maybe, just maybe a few billion
humans physically joyfully exhaling with relief and hope at the same time is a
clue to understanding a palpable support from Venus at this time. As an
integrative healing arts practitioner, I am always looking at a person’s energies.
How a person breathes is the body’s way of giving me insights about how to help.
Synchronistic, collectively breathing individuals around the globe is a big
deal. Some Eastern philosophies tell us that in the human body, the breath is
ruled by the planet Venus. In Traditional Chinese Five Element Theory, Venus is the Air Element, which governs the
Lung and Large Intestine functions of the body, the inflow and outflow of Life
Energy. The “prime directive” of the Air Element is to balance Body, Mind and Spirit. What a great “prime
directive” for a nation and a planet to have!

is the season.
Traditional Five Element Theory says the
season on Earth associated with the Air Element and the Lung-Large Intestine functions
is fall. The best time of the year for the breath of the body – the harmonizing
of which energizes common understandings and personal ideals of beauty and
order – to do its optimum work in supporting the whole system is autumn. For
those in the Northern Hemisphere, our breath (ruled by Venus) is receiving the
added benefit of being enlivened during the fall season.


lot of people fell back.
During the last few weeks, many
countries around the world “fell” back to Standard
from the previous Daylight Savings Time. A visceral changing of the
seasons is heralded in when countries return to Standard Time. Sleep patterns
change. Vast numbers of people are affected. Fall is the season of “Letting go,”,
surrendering to the natural time of renewal to awaken again in Spring with full
forces and plenty of reserves available. In the Northern Hemisphere, Earth
exhales in the fall. In the Southern Hemisphere, Earth is inhaling right now
with spring. Yes, a Cosmic Breath is alive on Earth right now as Nature exhales
and inhales, and Venus is the balancer for all.


Another dimension in the momentum
occurring with Venus, the breath and a new
world leader
is this. Consider the possibility that the Earth really
shifted on Nov. 4. In that very moment in consciousness when Obama won and the
masses breathed in unison, the world stopped the old dark direction, turned and
began spinning in a different direction, a direction of compassion and
wholeness. Until that moment, multitudes
were unconsciously holding their breath. In a flash, we cried, exhaled, laughed
and smiled together. We catapulted a global soul movement. Yes, that sounds
big. Yes, the details have to be worked out by each of us, individually and
collectively.  And, our path is illumined
by Venus and our breath.

date is perfect.
Numerological notes add to the
forces of Nature aligning with Venus, the Breath, and Earth shifting. A point of critical mass profoundly occurred
on November 4, 2008. Look at the numbers of that month, day and year: 11
(November) + 4 (the day of the year) + 2008. Add the numbers and the total is
2023. 2023 can be reduced to 2+0+2+3, which equals 7. 7 came into the Universe
meaning Perfect Victory. In the body’s
natural system of healing
, 7 is located on the body at the big toes, and
(surprise) helps the whole body breathe from toes to head and head to toes. In
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, 7 is the location for the beginning of the
Spleen Meridian. Spleen is all about nourishing and nurturing the entire
Body-Mind-Spirit system. Vitalizing and energizing the whole body, your spleen
function is in harmony when you feel more enthusiasm for life. Spleen function
supports the breath. Spleen function and the number 7 are synonymous.


Collectively when a world has been unable
to completely breathe and someone like Obama
and Team
comes in with vibrancy, strength and compassion, making it their
life's work to help us thrive, we can feel our own enthusiasm and vitality
returning. Our breath, our Spleen chi and all aspects of our entire
Body-Mind-Spirit respond. So it seems the forces and rhythms of Nature have “divinely
intervened” to enable you and I to feel unburdened and uplifted as we face and
overcome obstacles and stay focused on visions of a holistic, healthy civilization.


Remember to take care of your body. Take good self-care!


Barbara J. Semple

Self-Healing Expert

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Entire contents. All rights reserved.