Happy Fall Equinox!
The message for today is:

Fall in love with your life and be the scientist of your spiritual practice.

I know it has been a while since I've written. I basically took the last 2 months off from my development of the Healing Touch Quick Steps® programs and marketing. I was beginning to feel way too much pressure to do and be too much. So, I have waited for Spirit to enliven me back into the writing mode. And today I celebrate my return!

During my time off, I became newly acquainted with a very-different-from-ocean-energy, great body of water. Spending 4 days watching Sun and Moon rise on the North Shore of Lake Superior, I found a few agates and some very cool jasper rocks. I also discovered a deep stability exuding from formidable Lake Superior with her constantly moving oftentimes robustly agitating waters that feels profoundly sound to me – sound like a solid foundation; sound like the center, the core of Earth is stable. The vibration of the area filled with ocean-like waves and glimmering light seems to be highly magnetic. In fact I found a small piece of red jasper on the shore that actually had a third of its weight variegated within the jasper as hematite. When I held a magnet to it, the magnet stuck to the rock! I had the sense that as a resident of the west coast where Earth's magnetic flux has always been more unstable and fluctuating, indulging in relaxing time at Lake Superior was a beneficial "re-set" for the magnetic particles within my brain. And so it is.

This morning, still on the cusp of this equinox, I acted on the urge to step out into the warming morning light and look for fresh red clover blossoms for tea. I came upon some plantain that wanted to be harvested, and I picked one of our red delicious apples from the tree. I became lost in the bounty and beauty of Mother Earth's land and trees, radiant sun, the perfect redness of the apple, the luscious verdant green of the plantain, and the perfect, perfect blush of red clover. I felt I was being made love to, given strengthening energy, and…I completely lost track of time. Ah.

I thought about anyone who might not have a yard to walk in and I wanted to say to you, "I encourage you to grow something that you can eat, even if it is only a windowsill herb garden. Eat an apple fresh from the tree (organic, of course). All of the elements have come together in a magnificent way for Apple to reach her peak. Buy from your local farmers' markets. God bless them all for the labors of love they provide us. Find some way to be in a human-plant kingdom relationship. To be so is truly a nourishing gift of love to yourself."

You might think how funny, seeking out and participating gracefully in relationship with the whole process including growing, loving and harvesting a plant. Consider this. Plants are masters of light, you see. Their entire existence is all about receiving the light of Sun into every part of their being, and transforming it, synthesizing it. After you pick 2 or 3 plump red clover blossoms that still have the morning dew kissed with sunlight in its folds, rinse them clean and place them in a cup. Fill the cup with boiling water, cover it and let it steep for 10 minutes or so. Now look at the red clover blossoms. Red Clover has given forth the best of herself into the water. The color, light and immediacy of her recent connection with Morning Sun are now in your cup. Add a little raw honey if you like and there you have it! Liquid light is now nurturing your being."

Nature is the force behind these miracles and mysteries of goodness and light. Nature is the force that you and I engage when we apply Healing Touch Quick Steps energy self-help. We are all made up of the same elements that are finely directed and wielded by the Creative Force within and around All of Life. On this day of equilibrium of Sun and Moon, day and night, I wish you Unconditional, Cosmic Love. When you actively participate in your self-healing, you are actively self-loving. Self-Healing = Self-Loving.

Many blessings,
Barbara J. Semple, Self-Healing Advocate

(c) Copyright 2008. Barbara J. Semple. Entire contents. All rights reserved.