Each year around July 4th, our Sun and Sirius
align together. In fact, Sun and Sirius will rise exactly together in the
morning on July 6th. What does this mean to you and me? Well, for
one thing, since Sirius is 25 times brighter than our Sun, there is a lot of
extra “sunlight” happening. I find myself usually feeling the need to take it
easy, to reduce my work load and social commitments, and be more quiet and
peaceful. I offer that suggestion to you.

In fact, what about attending a movie? Recently, I had an
opportunity to preview the movie, Bloodline
), an independent film by director Bruce Burgess, which is currently playing
in limited release around the country.

If you liked The Da
Vinci Code
movie, you might like Bloodline.
If you are interested in the Mary Magdalene and Jesus mysteries, you might like
Bloodline. There’s a cave, a body,
intrigue. Sometimes it feels a little hoaky. And like many ancient mysteries
that act like fiction, there may be some truths in what seems to be something

Bloodline is a
documentary. We are taken to Rennes Le Chateau. We see places previously unseen
– at least by me. We become engaged in the countryside of the south of France.
We meet two unlikely characters. And we must, in the end, make up our own mind
about what we are shown. I found Bloodline
interesting and worth seeing, for the fun of it. Most of all I hope people will
see it because it opens dialog on the subject – both inner and outer. What if
Mary and Jesus were really married? How would your world be different today?
(For more information about the movie, check out www.imdb.com.)

And speaking of the heat, one perfect Healing Touch Quick Step that
helps with our coming into harmony with
the hottest season of the year (right
now in the Northern Hemisphere) is called Nourish
and Nurture.  This graceful and vitalizing
quick step is in my Healing Touch Quick Steps HOME GUIDE and is in the Top
10 Healing Touch Quick Steps DVD.
My teacher, Mary Burmeister used to say, “You may not be able to control the wind. You can adjust your sails.”

If you are finding the heat and intense sunlight affecting
your energies these days, consider “adjusting your sails” by applying Nourish and Nurture
Healing Touch Quick Step.

Stay tuned over the next few months. I’ll be announcing my
new webinar series soon
. Enjoy your summer! Take care. Take good self-care.

Many blessings, Barbara J. Semple 

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