Recently someone wrote this to me:

"I would like to know specifically if your offered book and dvd offers help
for hot flashes and the thyroid."

Here is my response, which is a good reminder to me as well.

The Healing Touch Quick Steps address your "Big
Picture" Infinite Life force energies through specific areas on the body where tensions gather.
The whole concept of Healing Touch Quick Steps is to
bring Big Picture Source Life Force energy
(the power of Nature) to
any and all areas of the spirit-mind-body levels.
Specifically, there are particular quick steps to target thyroid and to
target hot flashes based on addressing the energy pathways that flow through
those special body
function needs.
I have heard from more
than one woman customer who have been noticing
relief from hot
flashes by including Healing Touch Quick Steps in her healthy daily life habits. 
Your body’s natural healing energies can touch your whole being similar to the song of the humpback whale whose songs fill the entire ocean area, surface to deep, all at the same time.  

Healing Touch Quick Steps are a valuable complement to conventional medicine. This self-help does not take the place of Western medicine or any professional medical advice. Thank goodness Western medicine is available to us. Remember also that physically and biologically thyroid concerns require 3 areas of your
body functions to be supported to be in balance.

Paying attention to thyroid and sex hormones
Cortisol levels are all
part of balancing of thyroid, according to thyroid expert Dr. Richard Shames, MD.

The Healing Touch Quick
are easy self-help to do daily to help keep your health-creating energies going in the forward motion direction. It is from this
place of maintaining healthy flowing of life force with daily self-help
routines that
thyroid and hot flashes may be helped into harmony even
when you are taking medicines or whatever you are doing for your health. That is
the great beauty of Healing Touch Quick Steps self-care – You can always do
something to help your energies come into
harmony! This is important because that is how regular application, for example, of the Top 10
Healing Touch Quick Steps
in the DVD of my HOME GUIDE may most likely help support your thyroid and
hormonal energies.

Whatever your body-mind-spirit needs, you will find
what works best for you, what feels most harmonious to you. Remember that what looks and feels harmonious to you may be different than what is harmony for anyone else. Consider this. A harmonious day for one person might be simply a day without pain anywhere in the body. For you it might be feeling that you have enough energy to feel good about your life today. Both are perfect expressions of harmony.

There is always harmony. Look and listen for yours. It’s waiting to be seen and heard! Take care. Take great self-care.

Many blessings,

Copyright (c) 2008 Barbara J. Semple. entire contents. all rights reserved.