I am feeling a profound energy occurring as we are in the cusp
of the Vernal Equinox and Aries Full Moon [Aries – Think strong, forceful enough to spring tulips up from their winter sleep.] I think I have never before felt the
magnitude of such unconditional love energy surrounding me, and so I write. 

The thing I love most about my Healing Touch Quick Steps
self-help practice (which is a direct off-shoot from my studies of Jin Shin Jyutsu® self-help) is that when I place my hands on my body, or when I give
someone an energy healing session applying the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu®, I am touching
Source energy, or Universal Consciousness. This is as Big Picture as it gets –
Source, the Source of All Life. And the world is becoming aware of this very same Source in a new way.

On the Monday, March 17th telecast with Oprah and
Eckhart Tolle, someone asked “Who are we
beyond the mind?”
Eckhart responded that no conceptualization is correct. “Here is a hint,” he said. “We are the formless consciousness behind
all that.”

I have been participating in the phenomenal 10 week telecast
with Oprah and Eckhart Tolle and I am loving knowing that there are 2 million
plus people who are focusing at the same time on allowing more and more of
their “Big Picture” [my words] Consciousness
to be the “Big Doer” [my words] in their lives. I think it was Oprah who
said that night that we are spiritual beings having a physical experience.
Eckhart said he feels it is, “I am the
consciousness inhabiting this body.”

Recently, our much beloved Mary Burmeister, Founder of Jin Shin Jyutsu® of the West, returned
to the Creator, the Eternal Formless. A student wrote a remembrance of her
first class experience with Mary in about 1983. She said, “Mary walked into the room, sat down, put her hands in her armpits and
said, “I’m giving my best friend a hug.” 
Wow! Ponder that. Was she speaking of her "best friend" as the "consciousness inhabiting her body"? Those of you who
have already discovered Healing Touch Quick Steps know that
what Mary Burmeister was doing when she crossed her arms and placed her fingers
in her opposite armpits is called “The
Complete Breath Hug.”
Thank you Mary.

Being a long-time and now life-long student and practitioner
of Jin Shin Jyutsu, I learn that we are all alive because the Formless becomes Form AS us. Knowing the formless, that “consciousness that inhabits this body” as
Eckhart calls it, could be a really cumbersome thing to do, requiring more of your sometimes limited time and energy, you might think. "It will take me too long to get there," you might think.

Reconsider. Where does one begin? You’ve already begun by reading this blog, by
engaging your mind in thoughts of healing and Oneness; reading Eckhart’s book,
participating in the telecast, and by including a daily self-help routine of Healing
Touch Quick Steps.
This is important because when I place my hands on
my body and feel the pulsing of energies flowing, moving, changing in the moment, and my body responding
in the movement, surface to deep and deep to surface, I am truly having an
effortless (key word, effortless) personal experience of a Formless/Impersonal
Source. And, I didn’t know that’s what was going on when I first began doing it 17 years ago. Especially tuning in to Oprah and Eckhart, I'm having my own Aha! moments about healing touch self-help. You have access to
the very same Source when you apply your hands with Healing Touch Quick Steps
self-help, as simply as placing your fingers in your armpits. Try it.

With the magnificent momentum of unconditional
love and Cosmic forces that are surrounding all of us and everything on this planet during
this particular Vernal Equinox, and your thoughts of the vastness of  the Formless
part of yourself, consider this. The generations being born now will reap the benefits of awakened collective consciousness that were started in the 60's and 70's and 80's and so on. They won't need to go through the challenges many of us have already journeyed. That's effortless for the newcomers.

Author Greg
Braden says we only need 8,244 people for a critical mass to cause
collective shifts in awareness to occur. Translation: A momentum is with
you and everyone in the world right now. Think of the Oprah programming, millions of people engaged [a lot more than 8,244], and, the
ever-expanding peace movement, and, the increasing global stewarding movement. Like a rocket shot up into space, there is lift in its tail that carries what is behind it upward too. A lot of fabulous vertical energy moving is going on! Think of all of the people who are awakening
every moment to the whole body realization of choosing life and harmony among all
species. Ah.

Yes, there is chaos with this
huge movement of energy, humanity in great flux, and, there certainly is a marvelous
movement of goodness “afoot!” No matter what chaos and goodness are going on in
the Universe, Cosmos, Gaia, and your own body and little every day world, remember
adding Healing Touch Quick Steps is one of the easiest, most
effortless ways for you to connect with Source, the Formless consciousness that
is inhabiting your body, anytime, anywhere, in a very palpable,
ever-expanding way. How great is that? Feel it pulsing. Listen for your harmony. It’s waiting to be heard!

Many blessings,


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