Adrenal and thyroid functions
are two of over one hundred thousand special body functions that can be gracefully
harmonized with healing touch self-help. You may experience unburdening and
uplifting support by simply adding a healing touch quick step routine to your
daily life.  Here are three reasons to
consider healing touch self-help.

#1: You are tapping into your body’s natural system of

Mary Burmeister, the woman who brought the healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® to the United States from Japan told me once: "Each of us is a small, exact replicated Universe of a
larger universe. Only the larger Universe is smarter!”

Dr. Deepak Chopra says, “Our
body is a part of the universe, and everything that happens in the universe
ultimately affects the physiology of our body.”

Author Eckhart Tolle says: “No matter what your body’s appearances on
the outer level, beyond the outer form
is an intensely alive energy field.”

When you apply a basic healing quick step,
you are instantly connected to the universal energy known as infinite life
force, the creative power of the universe, that "intensely alive energy field." A unified field, a holistic system
of invisible energy pathways feeds this universal life force into every one of
the hundred trillion cells of your body. This is “Big Picture” life force –
bigger than any physical, mental, emotional or spiritual disturbance. That translates
into infinite possibilities for good health and wholeness.

 #2: You get to participate in creating your own
reality of health.

Traditional Chinese Medicine
and the Five Element Theory teach us that there is a health-creating motion for
your infinite life force as well as a health-destroying motion. Stress, genetics,
environment, and your thoughts and feelings can cause harmful stagnation or
blockages in your energy. With your fingertips accessing “zones” where tensions
gather, you are actually choosing creation of health. You jumpstart your “Big
Picture” healing energy to flow to a particular need, and lots more. For
example, the location of the thyroid in the front center of your throat is also
a major “thoroughfare” for every energy meridian in your body except the
bladder meridian. So having the know-how to encourage health-creating life
force flow through that area could be highly beneficial to the thyroid and
parathyroid functions. 

#3: Regular
energy healing self-help may motivate stresses to be released out of the
mind-body system before they have a chance to settle in the tissue.

When would you want to
harmonize a disturbance as quickly as possible? Well, immediately after having
had a surgical procedure to bring healing energy to the area, or after any sort
of injury, or as a continual unburdening if you take western medicines are good
times to apply energy healing self-help.  Self-help is not intended to replace professional medical
care, and energy self-healing routines can be a valuable complement to
conventional medicine. 

What matters most about
energy self-help is that you begin. My Healing
Touch Quick Steps HOME GUIDE

for example, contains 17 quick steps that can focus energy to your thyroid and
parathyroid glands, and 12 that can help energize and harmonize your adrenal
system effortlessly. Now you can add dynamic energy support to your adrenal and
thyroid care, and your whole being.

Take care. Take great self-care!

Copyright (c) 2008 Barbara J. Semple. Entire contents. All rights reserved.