Happy New Year Everyone!

2008 has a Universal energy picture to be a powerhouse year filled with goodness encouraging us to breathe freely and fully while actively creating our inner and outer worlds. Let me explain.

2008 is a 10 year (2 + 8 = 10). From the study of sacred numerology, I know that the sacred number 10 came into the Universe as the Infinite Abundant Storehouse of Life Power. From my 18 years as a practitioner of the energy healing art known as Jin Shin Jyutsu®, I know that on the body, the divine intelligence of 10 is located on the upper back at the shoulder blade area where our "wings" are, and helps us receive the Infinite Abundant Outpouring of Life Power through our breath freely and expansively.

Also, 10 is 1 amplified 10 times. The sacred number 1 is the divine intelligence known as The Prime Mover. Located on the body at the inside of the knees, its essence is very physically active and moves anything that needs to move. Its nature is vertical connecting the heights and the depths of us.

So, what rings true for me is that 2008 with its Universal energy pattern of 10 and 1 is full of possibilities and full of uplifting, shifting, "Great Movement" potential. 1 is Unity. One Thing connects heaven and earth. Let it be so for you too. And so it is.

On that joyful note, may I remind you to check out my website www.healingtouchquicksteps.com for superb self-healing products, upcoming classes, as well as finding a practitioner so that you experience this year 2008 in a way of being in life effortlessly – with ease, grace and joy. Take care. Take great self-care!

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