You know that well known saying, "Change your mind and change your life." In my opinion, changing your mind is not always enough to influence the body’s responses. Sometimes positive thinking is not enough to heal the body. All of the great positive self-talk I do every day cannot change the fact – and it is a fact that I have proven at least twice recently – the fact that the body has a mind of its own.

Of course, positive healthy thoughts are an important part of managing and encouraging your health and well-being. Whether I know it or like it, the body has a mind of its own. Let me explain. This summer I had to receive some vaccinations for our trip to the South Pacific. I am not a fan of needles or shots. I told my self that it would be easy. "I can get through this," I said to myself. "I am a big girl, and this is important for my overall well-being as I travel to a foreign country."

Now, I am sitting in the doctor’s office. The nurse enters to take my blood pressure reading. My blood pressure shows 116 over 62. For me who usually has a lower blood pressure, that is a higher than normal reading. I say to myself, "I guess I am feeling anxious." I can hear outside the door that the doctor who will be giving me the injections is having a stressful day because she is speaking to someone in an upsetting tone. That of course is adding to my personal anxiety about receiving shots from her in another minute or so.

To help myself come into some balance, I hope, I instantly decide to apply the Healing Touch Quick Step called The Complete Breath Hug. I place my fingers in my opposite under arms and I count 36 exhales. In fact in determination to become more relaxed with my fingers under my opposite arms, I continue to count my exhales until the nurse returns while I am completing my 42nd exhale. I ask her to re-check my blood pressure. She re-checks it and to my delightful surprise, my blood pressure has gone down to 106 over 60!!  The doctor comes in. I don’t even feel a sting from either shot. There isn’t  any redness, not a drop of blood, and I didn’t feel any soreness from 2 vaccinations the rest of the day or ever. And, I didn’t give a hoot about the doctor’s bad mood. I was totally amazed!

Here is my point. Obviously from my blood pressure reading, I felt nervous. All of my positive self-talk didn’t change that. Applying the Healing Touch Quick Step DID change my actual blood pressure reading. It DID instantly have an influence on a more harmonious outcome that included no physical pain, redness and soreness, or the doctor’s bad mood. I was phased by none of it. Yippee!

Another example of the body having a mind of its own occurred when I recently I taught my first class of the "Self-Healing LIFE Audio Series" for COLD FLU Support. I told myself: "I know this stuff. I created it. I can do this." And in spite of all of my positive self-talk, I began to have a dry cough a few hours before I was to teach the class.  Darn it anyhow. I get to the class and the dry cough is still "dogging" me. I begin by leading the class through a Healing Touch Quick Step routine. I am still experiencing the dry coughing. Half way through the Healing Touch Quick Step routine I notice the left side of my ribcage has just expanded. I feel space between my ribcage and my lungs. Within approximately 45 exhales, my whole upper thoracic area literally expanded and made space for my lungs. I stopped coughing! Having a mind of its own, my body was constricting my breathing. The unconscious anxiety that was not harmonized by my positive self-talk was now harmonized and I did not cough for the rest of the 2 hour class.

Why do I mention these examples? Because Healing Touch Quick Steps seem to harmoniously influence body functions that appear to have a mind of their own, that you previously would have no conscious awareness of, or thought you might just have to live with it, thinking that’s the way the body is.  Let’s look at this body mind activity scientifically for a moment.

The body has a very special body function called the Autonomic Nervous System that does some things automatically, like breathing. This special body function really does have a mind of its own, thank goodness. It includes a Sympathetic and Parasympathetic part of this Autonomic Nervous System. The two partners are opposites in a way, acting like two sides of a coin. Dictionary defines Sympathetic Nervous System as the part of the autonomic nervous system that tends to act in
opposition to the parasympathetic nervous system, as by speeding up the
heartbeat and causing contraction of the blood vessels. It regulates
the function of the sweat glands and stimulates the secretion of
glucose in the liver. The sympathetic nervous system is activated
especially under conditions of stress. [KEY WORD – Stress. That’s what my body was telling me with its unconscious message at the doctor’s office and then more loudly and clearly through the coughing at my first class – that my sympathetic nervous system was responding to my STRESS.]

Let’s compare the Parasympathetic Nervous System. Dictionary says it is the part of the autonomic nervous system that tends to act in
opposition to the sympathetic nervous system, as by slowing down the
heartbeat and dilating the blood vessels. It regulates the function of
many glands, such as those that produce tears and saliva, and
stimulates motility and secretions of the digestive system, for example. 

So, science says the body does have a mind of its own, thank goodness, and from personal experience I know that STRESS activates that "mind of its own" in ways that I find uncomfortable – to protect me, OR, to get my attention to participate in bringing things back into balance.  By choosing a simple Healing Touch Quick Step I actually "flipped the switch" so to speak from stress to calm. I harmoniously influenced my body’s mind of its own to come into balance, which helped me handle two life situations with total ease, grace and joy. Ah.

You can do the same. Visit my website: to get started. Begin your new year with a commitment to choosing ease, grace and joy. I know without a shadow of a doubt that Healing Touch Quick Steps can easily encourage that outcome. Try it for yourself. Do your own personal research.  Experience your own harmony. Take care. Take great self-care.

Many blessings,

Copyright (c) 2007 Barbara J. Semple. Entire contents. All rights reserved.