In its most basic sense, psychosynthesis is a name for the
process of personal growth – the natural tendency in each of us to
harmonize or synthesize our various aspects at ever higher levels
of order and consciousness. I feel surely that
Healing Touch Quick Steps are the perfect complement to a person’s psychosynthesis journey.

One of the longtime guides of psychosynthesis, Molly Young Brown, author of Growing  Whole – Self-Realization on an Endangered Planet, recently wrote:

"We each need to develop practices that help us tune into guidance/feedback, whether it be journaling, meditation, prayer, sitting under a favorite tree,  walking in the wild, dancing, playing music, or reading inspirational books and poetry. There are many practices available now in our awakening world. Let’s use them, for the sake of our own health and and happiness, and for the sake of all life."

Yes!! I agree! When applying one or many of the single-step Healing Touch Quick Steps a person instantly becomes engaged in the Whole (with a capital ‘W’). Many a biologist and scientist in our modern times has validated the microcosmic-macrocosmic relationship between our barometer-like bodies and the ever-changing cosmos. So to tap into your body’s natural system of healing with therapeutic self-healing touch routines is a dynamic, ultra-easy action that can be a complementary attunement into your personal guidance and feedback with your awakening world movements. Listening for your body’s responses, its pulsing feedback to you from the infinite life force within you, is a highly beneficial activity in which to engage for getting to know the wholeness you are.

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I think the words from the Barbra Streisand song, Higher Ground, say it well –   
"Just like the seasons there are reasons for the paths we take. There are no mistakes just lessons to be learned. The greatest lesson is loving yourself through it all."

Choosing one or two Healing Touch Quick Steps daily is "loving yourself through it all."

I send you my very best wishes for your joyful health and wholeness,
Barbara J. Semple

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