I believe a loving relationship with a pet can actually improve a person’s health and wholeness. When you tap into your body’s natural system of healing, you are
tapping into the same kind of unconditional, neutral, never ceasing
energy that you can experience from a beloved pet or an infant child.
What I’m about to share with you is a gift I received from our cat. I didn’t learn this from any published scientific journal, though I’ve read somewhere how a beloved cat or dog in one’s life can help balance the human’s high blood pressure. My discovery comes from my own sensations after having lost our precious cat a year and a half ago.

Two days before Christmas our dear cat of 11 years passed away. I had never had a pet before, and I had never had the experience of a loved one who lived with me, die. Her passing caused me to realize my "Unconditional Love" muscle. You might recognize this muscle as your compassionate Heart. Yes, the Heart is a fabulous, expanding and contracting "Unconditional Love" muscle. I feel tremendous gratitude to our cat though I didn’t recognize viscerally what she really did for me until after her passing. Her presence in my life was unconditional, never ceasing, neutral, without a hidden agenda. My wise friend says that cats come into this world pure and that under normal, healthy conditions (meaning no abuse or meanness), they can remain content in their natural state of purity for a good long life. Cats do need to be supported with food, nurturing and shelter their entire lives, unlike a human infant that eventually grows up to take good care of herself.

Here is how I found my "Unconditional Love" muscle. Each time I remembered my cat, talked about her, smiled about something she used to do, and any memory of her, I felt pleasurable waves of energy radiate out in all directions from the center of my heart in the center of my chest cavity. I felt a palpable radiating movement in and out (that I later would realize was actually love flowing in and out of my heart center), which is very different from placing your hand on your chest and feeling your heartbeat. I never really noticed such a visceral expansion when our cat was alive. It was only when she wasn’t there anymore that I recognized that my physical heart space and chest area felt less alive, less active.  It actually felt tight and stagnant, and hurt a little bit.

Logically, my husband and I had no intention of replacing our beloved cat. We didn’t want to just get another cat for the sake of having a cat, and we didn’t know if we’d be lucky enough to find another that we could love and be as compatible with as we were with our first cat.  Then exactly 49 days after the death of our little sweetheart, we adopted a small abandoned cat from the humane society and dove into a brand new relationship with a totally different and unpredictable little being. We knew that for our health and wellbeing we wanted the multiple times a day, every day of the week, joyful, enlivening expansive waves of radiating movement of our "Unconditional Love" muscles.  We consciously chose wholeness. I am delighted to share, from our own scientific study of reproducing the same effect over and over, that my husband and I are enjoying harmonious rhythm and movement of our "Unconditional Love" muscles – more than we ever thought possible – with our new, very loved cat. We have our first cat to thank for this special gift of awareness her passing brought to us.

When you tap into your body’s natural system of healing, you are tapping into the same kind of unconditional, neutral, never ceasing energy that you can experience from a beloved pet or an infant child. I encourage you to experience as many times a day as possible, the graceful, very nurturing active radiating of your "Unconditional Love" muscle especially in a combination of a beloved pet or infant relationship, as well as daily practicing of your Healing Touch Quick Steps hand placements, for a deeply enriching whole being cumulative effect. To love is to heal. To heal is to love. Take care. Take great self-care. Many blessings,

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