Every human being has the same "built-in" natural system of healing, and yet, some people don’t heal. On a spiritual level we are all perfect health, there is no imperfection. And, eating right, thinking and acting right, exercising right, right livelihood and such are no guarantee for anyone that illness will pass us by. With energy healing everyday, a person can still get sick and die. Why such things happen are unknown. It just is what it is. What is thought-provoking is that some people are very good at struggle and strife. People who have a vested interest in being sick and miserable could very well have a difficult time holding on to their suffering when they begin a daily routine of therapeutic self-healing touch of Healing Touch Quick Steps.

Some of the emotional advantages of illness are that you become the center of attention. People help you and give you their time and energy, and they support you when maybe no one ever paid attention to you as a child, or pays attention to you now. Going to physical therapy and doctors might be the only time someone feels cared for or physically touched or special in the world. Maybe you know someone who burns the candle at both ends with work, play and relationships and getting sick or hurt every once in a while is the only way to stop the chaos, to retreat and get some rest. And, it all happens subconsciously. Is it the person’s default mechanism for getting through life with a little love and attention, or peace and quiet? Quite possibly.

Of course not every person who gets sick or hurt has a vested interest in being sick. Even if someone’s behavior pattern does hold on to illness as a valuable asset, a slight "tweak" to the system (with Healing Touch Quick Steps, for example) may be all that is needed to reinstate harmony for the rest of his or her life. Ever-growing numbers of folks do recognize the messages, learning and (sometimes terrible) gifts from an illness. These people tend to be happily motivated to live and enjoy life to the fullest and they actively participate in their health creation and recovery. If you are a healthy, thriving life "activist," you are the kind of person who may really enjoy the unburdening and uplifting energies that can be felt from regular Healing Touch Quick Steps. You not only acknowledge when you might be in your own way and quickly get out of it, you also encourage, welcome and nurture your wholeness.

Consider this. No matter the size or shape or personality of sickness, when you can know a deep peace and harmony that comes through the repetitive involvement in your body’s natural system of healing, and ease, grace and joy are a visceral part of who you are in the world, your personal energy enlivens and harmonizes everything around you. Since human beings learn from experience then, as Gandhi said, "Be the change you wish to see in the world." Take care. Take great self-care.


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