Knowing how to help your
Self is the ultimate knowing of your Self, loving of your Self.
It’s about the feeling. Knowing isn’t a mental thing, it is a whole body-mind-spirit sense. To get to that place of knowing within your Self can take some time, reinforcing the feelings, the understanding, the fulfillment. Someone recently asked me how she could tell if she was coming into harmony. How did she know healing energy was actually happening from the Healing Touch Quick Steps hand placements she was doing for herself? My answer to her explains a little about the ‘Knowing of Your Self’ through Healing Touch Quick Steps – Powerful Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony®.  

Look, listen, see, hear and feel for your body’s harmony.
Sighing and exhaling are simple ways the body releases. Consider looking in the
mirror before you begin your daily self-healing touch routine. Then after
you’ve completed your “healing energy maintenance” for the day, look in the
mirror again. Do your eyes have more sparkle? Is your skin more toned, less
puffy or wrinkled? Look for that –
sparkle, tone, wrinkle- and puffy-free – harmony.

people may not feel anything or notice anything at the moment they are doing
self-healing touch. They’ll simply discover later that the symptom or “body
message” just isn’t there anymore. When you focus on looking for your
body-mind-spirit harmony and you do hear, see and feel a harmonious sensation (the body responding), you are
building a relationship and a communication with your body the same way you
might continue to refine and improve your communication and language skills
with your pet, or life partner – a loved one. The understanding and knowing of the body’s
response may take some time, just like love. Continue to apply therapeutic self-healing touch (love?) anyway. Each
person’s energy harmony is unique to the individual. Knowing how to help your
Self is the ultimate knowing of your Self. What a truly precious gift!

I feel quite surely that regular therapeutic self-healing touch satisfies a basic human need. The founder of the Non-Violent Communication Movement (NVC), Marshall
B. Rosenberg, says: "We are all created from the same energy. We all
have the same needs." He says that who we are in any moment can be observed at the common denominator level in each of us. What is alive in us in any moment is
what ‘I’m feeling and needing’ in that moment. We all want and need to feel loved and we need to receive
feedback from another that we are special, precious and lovable. Here again it’s about the feelings.

With daily, dedicated time (before you go to sleep at night or before you get out of bed in the morning, for example) for your own Healing Touch Quick Steps – Powerful Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony®, you give to your Self what millions want someone else to give them – love and respect.  Being with your Self, paying attention, devoted to your wholeness, feeling the pulsing of your life force flowing through
your body, exhaling, sighing, inhaling, feeling unburdened, enlivened,
uplifted, strengthened, peaceful –
this practice can only lead to self-love, self-knowing, self-appreciation – the very things we all want and need. And, YOU are the catalyst for this deep peace and joy in your own life. 

Consider learning to love your Self through therapeutic self-healing touch. Start with 5 minutes a day and work your way up to an hour a day – just for your Self. Experience for your Self the feeling of being well-loved. What will the Law of Attraction bring into your life from that place of love and respect for your Self? Certainly something harmonious! Take care. Take great self-care.

Blessings, Barbara J. Semple

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