Everywhere I go in the city, I see young and old alike with
ear buds in their ears that are attached to white cords leading somewhere
hidden in their pocket or coat. I have some personal thoughts about ear buds and
your health. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, which gives us acupuncture and
acupressure and Five Element theory, the Small Intestine meridian subtle energy
pathway flows through the middle of your ear canal. In his book The Web
That Has No Weaver – Understanding Chinese Medicine
, Ted J. Kaptchuk,
an Oriental Medicine Doctor (O.M.D.) says: "€œThe Small Intestine rules the
separation of the ‘€˜pure’€™ and the ‘€˜turbid.’€™ It receives what the Stomach has not
completely decomposed [Barbara note: Another word for "decomposed" is "transformed" as in a process of transformation into usable food energy.] and continues the process of separation and absorption."€

Kaptchuk goes on to say that "€œdisharmonies of the Small Intestine may produce
abdominal pain, intestinal rumblings, diarrhea, or constipation."€

Am I saying the wearing ear buds is bad for your health? No. "€œWhat do I think could happen?"€ you ask. Well, this winter I dealt with a
painful sinus infection that caused congestion in my sinuses and ears. Ears – the same orifices into which ear buds fit. I
lost my balance a few times during that sinus and ear canal disturbance and I
felt light-headed. The ears play a part in a person’€™s equilibrium as well as
the body’€™s natural ability to discern what is healthy and what is toxic for it
– toxicity can be too much food, or information or feelings -€“ it is all
processed through the same "€œwaste separating system."€ Ear buds press directly
on the body’€™s natural system of healing energy pathways that flow through the
ear canal. I just wonder if having ear buds in one’€™s ears for hours and hours
every day is healthy for the body’€™s natural healing system. It seems that just
as over-eating or over-working or whatever the lifestyle habit can take one out
of balance, "over-ear budding" may also upset the natural, healthy order and
rhythms of your body-mind-spirit.

Now one powerful thing you can do instantly
to bring your body into harmony
after a long day of "ear-budding" is the wonderful Healing Touch Quick Step hand placement called Take What You Need and Dump the Rest, which can help harmonize the body’€™s natural ability to discern between what is
"€œpure"€ and what is "€œturbid."€ You can find more about Take What You Need and Dump the
in my Healing Touch Quick Steps HOME GUIDE – 42 Powerful Things
You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony.

Consider working with your body rather than causing resistance. Constantly over-using ear buds and then
applying therapeutic self-healing touch so you can continue to over-use the ear
buds when your body might need reduced ear bud activity is
like taking pain meds for a painful knee so you can use your knee more,
when what the body really needs is to take it easy. Excessive anything can stress a body. Choosing a path of least resistance, a path of ease and grace for your body-mind-spirit might be a combination of therapeutic self-healing touch AND reduced ear bud usage for optimum harmony. Just a thought…

Take care. Take good self-care.
Blessings, Barbara

Copyright (c) 2007 Barbara J. Semple. Entire contents. All rights reserved.