For some of you, ski season may be coming to an end until next winter. You might be doing everything you can to get in those last precious days before the ski park closes. I love playing in the snow. A great
day is being the first on the slopes after a perfect snowfall with perfect
powder and perfect weather. Body, mind and spirit are in ecstasy. When the sun is in its zenith, the snow
begins to transform into something other than perfect powder, especially as the days are getting warmer and longer. With Sun moving
out of its high point, the day cools down and crust and ice appear in place of
that perfect powder. No big deal. It is part of the whole experience of playing
in a winter wonderland of snow, right? And, the arms, hips and legs have to
contract a little more to adjust to the changing snow conditions so you can
stay in a vertical, gliding position.

The perfect Healing Touch Quick Step® to help your body, especially your hips, legs and calves come into harmony after an
invigorating day in the snow is called Smooth Rhythm and Movement. You
can place one hand on the outside of your knee at that ligament there. Now,
with your other hand, easily place your fingertips on the outside of that same
side ankle. Relax your shoulders, hands and fingers, and exhale. Simply be with
your body’s natural healing system for a few minutes, and up to 20 minutes if
you have a serious ache. Then switch to the other leg and do the same hand
combination there, that is, one hand on the outside of the knee and the other
hand with fingertips touching the outside of the same leg at the ankle.

care. Take good self-care!
Blessings, Barbara J. Semple

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