Happy Vernal Equinox. I
send you blessings for health and wholeness on the upcoming March 20 Vernal Equinox. Leading up to the Vernal Equinox when we will experience an equal amount of day and night, which is a potent time of transition and celestial movement, is another special natural phenomena. We are in a New Moon phase on March 18, AND we will experience a partial Solar Eclipse on March 18 as well.

According to Cayelin K Castell, creator of CelestialTimings.com, "Essentially, the Moon is occulting the Sun or covering it [on March 18]. The Sun is
hidden for several minutes and then begins to reappear or to reveal
itself. This imagery speaks to a conscious choice to surrender into the
great void or great unknown. Out of this chaos a new world is birthed.
Through the accelerating or quickening of the eclipse energies this new
world grows and take form at an amazing rate of speed, emerging more
and more fully into the light of our awareness with each passing day.
What is hidden shall be revealed, just as the Moon covers the Sun,
hiding it for a space of time and then moves on uncovering what has
been hidden. Releasing all expectations and being present to this
energy allows it to manifest in the most supportive way possible."

Also, a New Moon is generally a good time to plant seeds.  I encourage you to add a healthy
activity like self-healing touch or new positive thought into your life for future harvest.

Why do I mention celestial movements? Because Sun and Moon
are part of Nature in Her fullness of cycles, ebbs and flows, and heightened energies – the same Nature
that is a part of us. Nature is the
very essence of your body’s
natural system of healing.

Birds Do It, Bees Do It. In the December 2, 2006 issue of Science News, an
article written by Christen Brownlee called “Inherit the Warmer Wind”
shows how some organisms’ genes are changing in step with Earth’s climate. Certain
insects are hatching earlier in the spring because of the warmth and light
changes. So, too, then are birds and squirrels birthing their young earlier to
coincide with the more abundant food supply of the insects. Here is Nature in
Her perfection shifting, evolving and moving with the life-giving energy Source
and influencing Her multitudes of species to shift with Her.

There are plenty of Earth changes and celestial movements happening on a Big Picture scale that affect each one of us spiritually, mentally and emotionally in addition to our physical body realm. Consider this. You can improve your chances of effortlessly shifting as Nature shifts, and the birds and bees shift, when you practice
regular self-healing touch in the form of Healing Touch Quick Steps® because
you are tapping into the body’s natural system of healing.
Here is one of the Powerful
Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony®.
An excellent
Healing Touch Quick Step® for helping to harmonize your energy
with the ever-changing cycles of life is called, Completing and Beginning
Sunflower Flow.
Now, cross your arms and place your fingertips in your
opposite elbows at the bend. Relax your shoulders, arms and hands, and exhale.
Simply be with your body’s natural system of healing for up to 5 minutes.

You do have the Power of Nature at your fingertips with Healing Touch Quick Steps®. Thanks for “tuning in.” (Pun intended.) Until next time, take care. Take great
Blessings, Barbara J. Semple

Copyright (c) 2007 Barbara J. Semple. Entire contents. All rights reserved.