Various integrative healing arts modalities have stated in one form or another that when you touch a body for healing, you are jump starting the person’s healing energies. I agree, and here is my "enlightening" take on jump starting for health. 

The concept of touching the body to promote healing and bring the body into accordance with Nature has been around for at least 45,000 years, probably much longer. Numerous archaeological evidences in art and statues, cave carvings in France, and paintings on Ancient Egyptian tomb walls tell us so. In a September 6, 2005 article from Discovery Channel News, it was reported that Japanese scientists had discovered that the human hands emit light in the form of photons. Mitsuo Hiramatsu, a scientist at the Central Research Laboratory at Hamamatsu Photonics in Japan, who led the research said the hands are not the only parts of the body that shine light by releasing photons, or "tiny, energized increments of light." He said the hands, forehead and feet emit photons. In terms of our hands, he said "the presence of photons means that our hands are producing light all of the time." Dr. Hiramatsu and his team used a photon counter to see how much invisible light is being emitted. The detector showed that fingernails release 60 photons, fingers 40 photons, and palms release only 20 photons.

Our bodies are producing "tiny, energized increments of light" all the time. That is totally awesome! I’ve also heard scientists elsewhere speak about photons in conjunction with the Sun, that the Sun radiates photons. The Sun is definitely a major force of Nature. Without being "airy fairy" about this, it seems that human beings really are light, and 21st century humans are not the first to realize this. Some years ago I was reading a book of Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs and found a glyph that was a dot inside of a circle. The book translated the symbol as a sun (small ‘s’) of the Sun (capital ‘S’). The little dot was a little sun and the bigger circle around it was THE Sun. This glyph symbol was used to say something about a particular pharaoh, a human.  Hum, sun of the Sun, little sun, big Sun.  We are constantly radiating light just like our Sun does. Is this photon light within us the same as the Universal Infinite Life Force that feeds life into our cells? Is the true perfection of our being that we are already one with our Source energy? I think so.

You are wondering just where is she’s going with this, right? Well, let me explain. You do tap into a Universal Infinite Life Force with Healing Touch Quick Steps® – Powerful Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony® self-care to come into accordance with Nature. The Sun is a big, perfect force of Nature, agreed? So, when you place your hands on your body or someone else’s body, you are actually tapping into your own perfection, that same perfection that is Nature.  And, when you put your hands on someone else or your own body in the form of self-help, those 60 photons (similar to the force of the Sun only filtered through your body’s mechanisms so it is safe) per fingernail and 40 photons per finger particles of light are certainly jump starting something good, or at least making a physical connection with a Bigger Picture energy. Light is touching Light when you touch someone or yourself! I’ve said it before and I will say it many times, the body is magnificently intelligent, and very, very cool. Love yourself. You are awesome.
Blessings, Barbara

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