The November 11, 2006 edition of Science News
reported that Vitamin D might kill germs. (See the article “The
Antibiotic Vitamin – Deficiency in vitamin D may predispose people to
 From another scientific journal mentioned in that article it
was noted that Vitamin D specifically “boosts the production in white blood
cells of one of the antimicrobial compounds that defends the body against
germs.” That is really great news! As usual, I am always thinking that the more
choices available to me for my highest vibration of best health, the better. A good idea, yes?

So how much Vitamin D do we need to be getting in our system
for optimum results? Deborah Gordon, M.D. who has a focus in Classic
Homeopathy, Nutrition and Hormones and who is in private practice in Ashland,
Oregon, says she’s discovered what works really well for her patients is to
take 20,000 I.U.’s of Vitamin D each of the first three days of a viral
infection to stimulate your body’s resistance. 
(Note: Be sure to check with your health care professional before taking any supplements.) 

So when your doctor or health care professional advises you
to “input” more Vitamin D or whatever combination of sunlight and Vitamin D
supplementation, you can easily complement your health regimen by adding a
regular application of a
Healing Touch Quick Step® to help you receive maximum benefits of Vitamin D with ease and grace to your body, mind, spirit.
Two of the Quick Steps® in my
HOME GUIDE can help harmonize your body’s assimilation of nutrients. One of the Quick Steps® is called Whole Side Back.

Here is a sneak peak/first
trial of one of the Powerful Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body
into Harmony®.
 To help harmonize your body’s assimilation
of nutrients, including Vitamin D, you can practice the
Healing Touch
Quick Step®
called Whole Side Back. Place
one hand on your shoulder and your other hand on the same side groin area. (Same side shoulder and same side groin area.) Relax your shoulders arms and fingers and
exhale. Simply be with your body’s natural system of healing for up to 5
minutes. And then switch hands and do the other side of your body for equal time. Oooh la la! Take care. Take
great self-care!

With the highest visions of wholeness for you always,

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