Welcome to BeTheHarmony.com. I’ve been working on an exciting new project called Healing Touch Quick Steps® HOME GUIDE – 42 Powerful
Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony®
for the last 16 months and I am very close to
announcing it. So stayed tuned.

The Harmony.
I like the idea of cruising along in life, not too hard,
not too soft, not too fast, not too slowly – just right – with ease and grace.
From Deepak Chopra’s book, Power, Freedom and Grace, he defines
grace as “the effortless flow of existence that comes when you are living in
harmony with life, when the rhythms of your body-mind are in synch with
Nature’s rhythms.”
Yes, absolutely! That is exactly why I created
Healing Touch Quick Steps® easy,
dynamic self-care for my clients – Ease and Grace. With health challenges in my own life,
I have found a few things that work well and are quite simple to do to support my always returning to that state of ease and grace. Daily
healing touch quick step® self-care is #1 on my list.

I encourage my clients to look for their personal
harmony. Look at yourself in the mirror before you begin your
Touch Quick Steps®
self-care routine. When you are finished, look again
in the mirror. Do your eyes have more sparkle? Does your skin seem clearer,
more toned? That is looking for the harmony. That is BEING the harmony. Keep
looking for your harmony.

Blessings and best wishes for your best health, Barbara

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