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Got Pain? Heal Now. Arthritis pain? Insomnia? Back pain? Heart health need? Emotional disturbance? Blood sugar? Cholesterol? Stroke? Big life stresses? Healing Touch Quick Steps from holistic health pioneer Barbara J. Semple open the door to your instant healing zone with inner source energy.  Access infinite life force energy with easy to understand Healing Touch Quick Steps pictures for your optimal health and well being. Harness this energy now.

Health (‘healthy’ and ‘holy’ are both derived from the Old English ‘hal’ =  sound, whole, happy) and wholeness are the essence and nature of our souls. If you get sick it doesn’t mean you’ve lost your soul, or that you have failed. ‘Disease’ may have a special function in our lives. When nothing else reminds us of the our most profound Life Force connection, “dis-eases” become projects we can no longer ignore. Consciously connecting with that High Power vibration, the body-mind-spirit natural system of healing, goodness returns.

Instant Healing is the official site for Healing Touch Quick Steps – Powerful Things You Can Do Instantly to Bring Your Body into Harmony(R), created by holistic health pioneer Barbara J. Semple.

Recommended by Dr. Bernie Siegel, physician and best selling author of Love, Medicine and Miraclestherapeutic Healing Touch Quick Steps engage your body’s natural intelligence and bring you into your instant healing zone, anytime, anywhere – effortlessly.

“…have parents and children do this. Love your life, love your body!” Bernie Siegel, M.D., best selling author of A Book of Miracles

Easy to do

These Quick Steps use specific touch zones to bring your body into harmony and relieve tension and stress that cause mind, body, spirit ailments. Simply look at the picture and gently apply a Quick Step pose with your fingertips. It’s that simple – healing for the soul, mind and body. Healing is here.

Holistic and a complement to conventional medicine, applying Healing Touch Quick Steps to your body with your two hands is one of the easiest ways to interact with your inner source energy. This is important because you instantly connect with your innate wisdom of eternal, timeless, perfect health – anytime, anywhere.

Experience  deep, nurturing relaxation – stress and tension release – in the healing zone of highest potential optimal health.  Healing Touch Quick Steps educational materials show you how to have an integrative approach for unburdening and energizing your whole body, mind, spirit – effortlessly.

5 Minutes a Day, Melt Your Stress Away.

5 Minutes a Day, Be at Ease.

5 Minutes a Day, Begin to Heal Now.

“You can profoundly influence your physiology during states of deep relaxation and receptivity.” Dr. Andrew Weil

Healing is here with new possibilities, new capacities, and new insights in your own well being with Healing Touch Quick Steps learning tools.


“…a real preventive medicine ‘gold mine’!” Richard L. Shames, MD, practicing physician and best selling author of Thyroid Power and Feeling Fat, Fuzzy, or Frazzled?

Dalene’s hot flashes are gone with Healing Touch Quick Steps…

“I have just worked through your Instant Healing guide today. I bought the book on recommendation of Reiki Blessings Academy through which I am doing Spiritual Healing Courses. I have practiced self-healing today for hot flushes – I get one every hour of the day and night and it really depletes my energy. After practicing 28 and 45 twice today for about 3 minutes each, I had only 5 hot flushes of which 4 were very mild! These techniques are so easy and I am quite excited to try them all! Thank you so much!” Dalene O, Spiritual Healer, South Africa

Healing Touch Quick Steps keep you in touch with your inner body wisdom – literally! Look for your harmony. Expect it.

Address specific body-mind improvement such as:

Adrenal Health
Babies and Mothers Comfort
Chemotherapy and Radiation Relief
Elder Health
Emotional Balancing
Natural Facelift
Heart Health
Natural Anxiety Relief
Hormonal Health
Pain Relief
Pre- and Post Surgery “Ease”
Soldier’s Relief
Stroke Free Zone
Teenagers Comfort
Thyroid Health
Natural Weight Loss

Go straight to your inner source for optimal templates of health and well being!

Mobile Apps Are Here!


Premiering the first and only mobil apps based on the universal healing art of Jin Shin Jyutsu®.

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Open the door to your instant healing zone with our books and classes too:

Instant Healing book

Heal Now Cards

Multimedia HOME GUIDE

Personal Power Cards 

Soul Aerobics book

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Healing Touch Quick Steps are primarily based on Barbara J. Semple’s understandings of the self-help materials of the universal art of Jin Shin Jyutsu® and are a valuable complement to conventional medicine, never a replacement. Healing Touch Quick Steps help relieve tension and stress that can cause mind, body, spirit ailments. Compassionate Healing Instruction LLC and author Barbara J. Semple do not cure, treat, diagnose, or prescribe. Always be sure to consult your physician for professional medical or emergency care. The entire contents of this website are for educational purposes only.